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“Practicing the Acupressure based diet therapy in a unique style which suits every individual as per their characteristics.”


Om Sai Perfect Health mission is to provide the world with a healthy, stress-free, and happy life by bringing it closer to nature, as we believe that humans are “beings of nature” by making their bodies align with nature to lose weight in a healthy way. Be aware of what you eat to stay healthy, fit, and happy, and thus reach your ideal weight quickly, naturally, and effortlessly.

Specialized in Acupressure Diet Therapy

Acupressure based diet therapy works on all the 7 major chakras of our body i.e. 7 Endocrine Glands:

• Pineal

• Pituitary

• Thyroid & Parathyroid

• Thymus

• Adrenal

• Pancreas

• Ovaries (in Females) / Testes (in Males)

How do they work?

In general, the therapist will try to understand the deficiencies of the body by identifying them through a systematic procedure to understand which particular gland is not functioning correctly.

Once this is done, the counselor provides a diet plan to help recover from the problem which in turn helps cure the malfunctioning of the glands. During the process, the 7 chakras become very active and aligned, which facilitates weight loss and therefore a healthy and fit body.

First, the consultant will review the patient’s medical history. Most people these days tend to suffer from chronic diseases like blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol, fatty liver, kidney dysfunction (uric acid, creatinine level), PCOD, hormone imbalance, hemoglobin levels, vitamin deficiency B12 and D3, constipation, problems, cough, and sinusitis, etc.

If anyone is suffering from the aforementioned problems, a personalized diet chart is written in Science of Acupressure Therapy that focuses on the key issues, which would be helpful for a healthy way to lose weight.

What do they provide?

The diet plan is designed for those who want to lose / gain weight quickly by following a healthy approach. Say goodbye to all your worries, stresses, diseases, and hormonal imbalances by opting for our program.

Each individual is unique and so are his or her bodily characteristics. Aware of this phenomenon, the consultant tries to understand the functions of the body, the nature (Chakra), its deficiencies, excesses, and a diet chart for 15 days.

This diet plan balances your body, your chakras resulting in quick and effortless weight loss.


Inch Loss Gel

Made with Garcinia flower extract, it is a natural product with no side effects. It helps tone your body and helps reduce cellulite, reduce stretch marks, and tone sagging skin so you can get the shape you want.

Nature’s Cleanser

It is made with Natural herbs that would be given to cleanse your system and remove the toxins from your body.

Customized Food Products

The clinic’s store offers a variety of diet foods that meet dietary needs and serving sizes, allowing individuals to ingest the right amount for effective weight loss.


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