6. Kaushik Bhaduri - Co-Founder- Onometra- Top 10 Best Enterprise Software Startups In 2021

Founded in mid-2018 with three co-founders and 3 engineers, Onometra followed the traditional bootstrapping model and started executing on a few domestic and offshore projects. The company, at present, houses a team of 25 and has already delivered four projects and has three ongoing projects and four others in the pipeline. Besides, it has managed to forge an intelligence partnership in Japan and is in the process of setting up another strategic partnership in South East Asia.


Onometra is an enterprise-focused computing company focused on building solutions for a smart enterprise. Our solutions use transformative technologies such as Machine Learning, Blockchains, IoT powered LOB apps. to drive measurable ROI for our clients.

Founders says

“As our core development teams settled, practices and technology stack matured, we are in the process of transitioning our proprietary technologies to cover healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Our platform enables rapid development and deployment of efficient and emergent supply chain management solutions, loaded with Business Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and mobility support with consumer-facing technologies that help businesses gain operational efficiency while maximizing revenue,” says Kaushik Bhaduri, Co-Founder.

We, at Onometra, believe that the world is a sphere of tightly related technologies of distributed software, autonomous agents and AI. In this connected climate, we believe in working closely with each of our clients and to timely deliver, custom developed solutions that accurately fits the needs of their individual businesses.

Our Story

It is about taking pride in possessing the attitude of a champion while hustling like an underdog.It is about asserting meaningful choices and advocating responsible values.

It is about SMART Enterprise Computing.

First and foremost we are a technology company, proud to feature a passionate young team steered by experienced mentorship. We believe in our people and they believe in the company.

Our clients engage us because they know nothing was handed to us, that we started from scratch and never forgot the value of integrity, hard work and innovation. The measure of success for us lies in our search for meaning, as much in business engineering, as in exploratory research.

Our Vision

We want to work on tough intellectual problems leveraging our experience and passion, gradually emerging as a leader in this knowledge economy.

We want to develop innovative business solutions and sustainable human capital, that impact social good through responsible creation and use of technology.

Our Mission

Relying on active consulting leading to innovative products and solutions, we will usher effective digital transformation to our clients’ business, and bring higher revenues, faster processing, competitive advantage and better customer experience.

We will inspire young minds toward scientific thinking, by bringing latest ideas from research to practice, always encouraging them to exercise the freedom to self-express (read, have fun!)


With a Masters in Computer Engineering, Kaushik Bhaduri worked for Microsoft Corporation in Seattle. Post Microsoft, he became an ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ prior to co-founding Onometra.

Kaushik’s primary responsibility is acquiring and scoping projects and jointly architecting technical solutions. Exceptional leadership capabilities demonstrated by uniting distributed teams and building solid relationships with stakeholders to

forge world-class architectures. Proven record of using diverse technical skills and experience to support strategic business objectives. An eye for details and a curiosity to understand how architectures work enable me to build and develop world class technology solutions. A sense of accountability means the problem will become my responsibility to resolve as well as prevent with analysis and action to lower the risk of a recurrence. My core focus as a leader is communication. Listening to my customers, partners, and colleagues provides the understanding I need to better serve their requests and identify what they are unaware they need. Listening to my team enables me to proactively remove obstacles to their productivity and to act as a coach for their professional development.

Onometra founders are long-time Computer Science and IT professionals with real work experience in statistical modeling, big data, operating systems, databases, enterprise solutions, and devices. The company physically operates from Kolkata, India, with access to a very competitive pool of talented developers and engineers.

*This interview is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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