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“Team of young professionals working to make Indians financially literate”

Optinables Fintech LLP

In 2017, a group of friends spent their free time in college talking about stock market investing. Unfortunately, they lacked sufficient funds. As a result, they decided to enlist the assistance of their pals. They were able to raise roughly Rs 22,500 as a result of their efforts. The money gathered was doubled in six months. As the lads grew in popularity, they began to receive more financial support from family and friends.

Optionables Fintech LLP was formally registered and formed on December 18, 2019.

The phrase ‘options’ refers to the capacity to accurately trade in the market and ‘ables’ refers to the ability to value underlying financial assets.

We are currently concentrating on developing financial models and enhancing people’s financial literacy.

Over time, we’ve grown to include algo trading, option trading courses, mentorship programmes, and instructional workshops among our services.

Our social media platforms, which include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Spotify, have around 100,000 followers. We hope to reach out to more individuals through these channels, educate them about the financial markets, and assist them in improving their financial situation.

Our asset under management has grown to Rs 4.1 crore and is still increasing.

Optinables Fintech Team

Saketh Ramakrishna Co-Founder and CIO

Saketh Ramakrishna handles investment and risk management. Saketh Ramakrishna is a passionate investor and a trader who specializes in modelling sophisticated strategies. Saketh Ramakrishna loves playing chess and table tennis.

Sujith S Nadig Co-Founder and COO


Sujith handles operations and client management. He has the thirst to learn new things from people and is often seen interacting with many. He appreciates a good game of badminton. He loves travelling and going for long bike rides.

Sumukh S S Client operations

Sumukh handles our client accounts and is always enthusiastic to bring in new initiatives. An avid reader who has good knowledge in various fields. Ice cream is his weakness and he will never say no to one.

Srivatsa S Rao Marketing & Human Resource

Srivatsa is the creative brain behind our digital marketing. His strategies help us boost our digital presence. His innovative ideas make us stand out. He is a sports enthusiast. He loves classic rock, coffee and long drives.

Optinables product

  1. Courses on Financial Markets

The majority of people approach trading and investing incorrectly. They expect their money to double in value overnight. Regrettably, this is not possible.

But don’t be concerned! We’ll show you the ropes and educate you how to trade and invest properly. Our methods and strategies will assist you in minimising your losses while increasing your profits. What is covered in our course?

  • Mentorship Program

Optinables mentorship programme is a one-week boot camp. You’ll be trading with us in real time! You’ll also get to:

  1. Use our strategies in live trade.
  2. Learn to adjust your trades.
  3. Manage risk (We will help you build a risk management system)
  4. Learn position sizing
  5. Learn portfolio hedging
  6. Learn some hacks and tricks in option trading
  7. Algo Trading

Algo based trading services in clients account.

Optionables want to expand our trading services, Join Optionables Algo Services, where we use sophisticated models to trade and also help the clients trade systematically.

Company NameOptionables Fintech Llp
Founding Year2019
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
IndustryFinancial Services
Area ServedIndia

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