What is ORAI?

ORAI is a conversational AI platform that engages customers and provides businesses with actionable insights to build more personalized, richer experiences at all hours of the day and night. They assist customers in obtaining a verified ‘Green Badge’ WhatsApp Business API and implementing a WhatsApp AI chatbot across all channels, including chat, digital advertisements, messaging, social, email, SMS, website, and more. ORAI uses cutting-edge methods to dramatically increase an organization’s efficiency. ORAI can engage prospects on a variety of devices, including Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, as well as platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and the ORAI website. ORAI is multilingual and available to assist prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Swapnil Jain, CEO

Swapnil Jain is a skilled all-rounder with 17+ years of expertise in Product Evangelism, Project Management, Seed Investments, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Speaker, and Tech-Evangelism. He is the Founder and CEO of ORAI ROBOTICS, a venture-backed startup. He is a positive thinker who works for ongoing innovation in the fields of Business Transformation, Digital Adoption, and Artificial Intelligence. His focuses on evangelizing Digital Transformation using the power of AI/ML and RPA, based on his extensive specialty experience in translating business concepts into technology-driven business models. His true experience consists in designing digital business strategies that are coupled with technical execution to collaborate and compete in a new market in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Voice-First trends. With his vision, he devised a method of combining Artificial Intelligence and the benefits of Data Science, resulting in the creation of ORAI, an AI-Powered Robotic Virtual Assistant for Education, Automobile, Healthcare, and other applications. He’s spoken at several national and international conferences, colleges, and communities, sharing his skills and experience to make digital a better place to work.

ORAI’s work on WhatsApp

ORAI has enabled drip advertising on WhatsApp, taking advantage of the platform’s 98 percent message open rate. Clients will be engaged if they are sent individualized communications about a company’s product, services, advice, and help. As a result, the company will see an increase in revenue and improved consumer loyalty.

What’s special about ORAI?

ORAI helps confused customers by providing relevant information to qualify leads. It helps to nurture prospects with follow-ups- Consistent, courteous follow-ups will encourage prospects to make purchasing decisions. With ORAI’s technology, cost-effective marketing can be achieved which entails investing the least amount of time and money to get the best results. ORAI can also help a company boost its brand awareness- With personalized WhatsApp involvement; a company may become a recognizable brand name.

ORAI’s AI Chatbot for Healthcare

Through this chatbot the following things can be achieved:

  1. Optimize Patient Support Online
    • Booking doctors’ appointments
    • 24*7 patient query support
    • Clarify symptom-related questions
    • Inform about the hospital admission process
  2. Enhance Every Patient’s Experience
    • Online healthcare consultation
    • Prescription & appointment reminders
    • Give treatment details
    • Recommend health equipment & tips
  3. Address Medical Emergencies Faster
    • Enable instant bot-to-human conversation handover
    • Personalize conversations for accurate assistance
    • Offer text and voice assistance to patients
    • Provide instant ambulance booking facility
  4. Increase patient leads online
    • Let AI capture and qualify leads 24*7
    • Send drip messages on WhatsApp
    • View leads as Hot, Warm, and Cold
    • Nurture with AI-powered marketing

ORAI’s AI Chatbot for Education

Through this chatbot the following things can be achieved:

  1. Pre-admission InformationORAI answers all queries asked by prospective students on your website, FB Messenger, and WhatsApp automatically.
  2. Application supportORAI helps students through the whole application submission process by clarifying confusions in real-time. Hence, the number of applicants can be increased.
  3. Marketing integrationsORAI lets users integrate their entire marketing campaign in a centralized manner, which results in a 200% increase in their student admission ROI through Conversational Marketing.
  4. On-Campus SupportORAI’s AI can help and support the students during medical, library, transport, or class assignments.
  5. Payment SupportORAI makes it easy to answer student queries regarding tuition fees and other financial queries when they are making the payments.
  6. Multi-Lingual SupportORAI can engage with students in multiple languages and build trust and confidence across a student’s journey.
  7. Life At CampusORAI is the fastest way to keep students updated with the latest news and campus activities 24*7*365.
  8. Placement AssistantORAI will help students with information regarding the upcoming placement activities, interview schedules, and give tips to ace those interviews as well.
  9. Scholarship AssistantORAI will inform prospective and existing students of all available scholarships.
  10. Alumni AssistantAlumni engagement and assistance are key to a company’s success. Hence, ORAI is trained to address alumni Enquiries.
IndustryInformation Technology & Services
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters  Bangalore, Karnataka
Type Privately Held
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