Organic Emart: Research Strategy, Implementation and Evaluation of Organic Practices


What is Organic Emart?

Organic Emart┬áis a mission-driven company with offices across India that specializes in research strategy, implementation, and evaluation to improve health culture in geographical communities. They assist in the development and construction of a bridge for a sustainable Human Health Culture. Organic Emart’s mission is to build a healthy community where the benefits of excellent health are equally available to all people. Organic Emart is India’s first dedicated platform where consumers can only purchase organic products, such as all organic 187+ food products, beauty, and ayurvedic products, utensils, and handicrafts.

Their Foundation

It all started when the wealthy and higher classes were the only ones who used organic products. Founded in 2020 to provide all members of society with inexpensive access to all types of organic products. The Covid 19 Situation served as inspiration for this piece. When the world was fighting the Covid 19 pandemic, India had the largest number of persons infected with the virus daily for several days. In such a context, several international and national health organizations, including the World Health Organization, have repeatedly emphasized the need for people to maintain robust immunity as one of the most critical ways to prevent the Covid19 epidemic. Apart from the upper class in India, one of the major causes of low immunity, health, and nutritional condition among people of all income classes was their refusal to use organic and herbal goods in their daily life. Many research has shown that there are two basic explanations behind this.

The first reason is that organic and herbal items are only available in a few chosen shops or shopping centers, and the second is that the organic and herbal products that are available are extremely expensive for a variety of reasons.

Organic Emart began its operations with a complete plan that included direct access to all types of high-purity, certified organic, and herbal products in India from the producer to the consumer at no additional cost.

Their Range of Products

In the following categories, Organic EMart offers a large choice of high-quality organic and herbal products:

1. Grains and their products

2. Pulses and their products

3. Spices and their products

4. Oil and ghee

5. Vegetables and their products

6. Milk and its products

7. Cookies

8. Food items

9. Fruit and its products

10. Honey

11. Flower and its products

12. Immunity booster extract

13. Non-food items used in everyday life

14. Cosmetics

15. Seed

16. Fertilizer

17. Insecticide

Their products are 100 percent pure organic, certified by Apeda (NPOP/NOP) standard, PGS India, and Jaivik Bharat, and registered under MSME. Manufacturing, processing, and packaging are all done by Organic Emart in its 5000 sqft Gorakhpur plant.

Their first organic store, with a space of 3000 square feet, is located at Office No. 246, Railvihar Phase-1, Gorakhpur (UP).


They envision a society in which everyone of all classes’ resistance, health, and nutrition levels meet the specified benchmark in normal circumstances.


Developing a variety of methods for different types of consumers to gain access to organic and herbal items without incurring additional costs.


Accessing all types of high-quality organic and herbal items from India directly from the manufacturer to the buyer without any additional cost or hindrance.

Their coverage is as follows:

Our farmers are spread across India, farming on about 2700 hectares of agricultural land in rural and urban areas of various states and union territories. They also assist farmers in improving and creating sustainable livelihoods in our modern world.

Er. Aditya Shriwastav, Managing Director & CEO

He possesses a Harvard University (USA) certificate -Improving your business through a culture of health, BTECH-ME (VITS), MBA-HR & Marketing (Symbiosis).

He has 10+ years of expertise in the FMCG, Hospitality, Construction, Oil & Gas, and EPC industries in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States (United States of America ).

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