Outdoor Sports are vital for life

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Lost Somewhere

In the world of financial wealth and economic growth, we are leaving our true wealth behind. Being mentally fit is only possible when you are keeping your body fit. Physical activities keep you motivated and create a sense of ‘I can perform any assigned task’. Just have a look at your body structure, think of the time when you were in your college days. It was the time when you were actively participating personality. Be it sports or any cultural activity; you were ready to go the extra mile above your studies and able to manage those activities efficiently. As you got up into your job role, time for yourself has been on vacation for a long.

Outdoor sports are an essential element of human life. Remember those school days when we had just one lecture for physical education and everyone in the classroom eagerly waiting for the PE teacher to take us on the ground. Those were the moment when we use to enjoy and develop trust between our friends. Sports are vital for life to develop some personality traits which help us in our entire life.

Fighting Spirit

A sport is the best teacher when it comes to the theory of “lead and learn practically”. We played many sports in our school time and had the moment of joy when we use to win the match. While playing or watching a nail-biting match our heart pumps up an adrenaline rush until the results are declared. Even though we lose the game, our teachers taught us the importance of losing and learning. But, now we are heading towards a wealth prospering life, not a health prospering life.

“Fighting back is the only key to success”, that’s what my coach use to tell our team at practice sessions. Even though we lose the game, we always had some learning points from it and kept improving further. Doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it matters how you perform. That’s how we grew since our childhood, fighting back with a smile.

Importance in a kid’s life

Technological advancements are creating new ways of learning on one side. From another angle, it is hampering our young generation’s team player ability. Sports and to be precise outdoor team sports play a crucial role to develop skills and abilities in a child when they are in the best time of their life to learn.

Sports develop some traits at a young age which are:

 Improves mental and physical health

 Empower students with life skills

 Learn Time management and discipline

 Leadership and Teambuilding

 Winning and Losing is all part of the game

 Fight Back

We must encourage our young generation to keep playing sports out on the ground and develop the above-mentioned traits in themselves. It will help to grow them as responsible individuals with context to create a better society.

Final Thoughts

Playing on the ground will definitely keep you healthy from inside as well from outside. Indigestion, increasing weight, the bad shape of the body, and many more factors could be overcome by just getting yourself on the field. Keep yourself active and fit, it’s all about your life.

Stay Fit! Stay Healthy!

– by Parag Ahire

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