Pain for Happiness

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“Pain is something that must be avoided”: we all are used to this statement. Even our elders used to tell us, always search for happiness, but none of them ever told us it’s okay to have pain in life. Happiness or being happy is a state of mind which we all like to have in our life. Even there are some studies and researches that say, happiness improves the level of life expectancy and productivity at work. 

Why should pain exist?

Happiness has become an integral part of Western culture, and for many of us, finding it is an important goal of our life. But we can have endless happiness. If you think about it, what a cliché and dangerous idea. It takes effort and the negative to know what happiness is. This knowledge gives us a righteous life and meaning. Instead of trying to fix or eliminate something that’s wrong, we should try to come to terms with it.

We’ve become the developer of antibiotics for pain control, and in developed countries, it’s easier than ever, at least physically. I think we got it very easily. Our ability to deal with discomfort is diminished and we sometimes feel like we don’t need to treat the pain. I’m talking about physical pain here, but I can draw similarities to other types of illness, such as community pain. What’s more, one study found that taking pain relievers reduced the benefits and harms. Paralysis enters into pain as paralysis enters into bliss. Of course, I didn’t say you shouldn’t take antibiotics, but I think it would be too easy.

Mind Games 

Emotional pain is pain or suffering that comes from non-physical sources. Sometimes this emotional need is the result of the actions of others. Other times it may be the result of regret, grief, or loss. In other cases, it may be due to an underlying mental state, such as depression or anxiety.

We need a difference in life. Holidays are even more pleasant when we have to work hard. The food is delicious after a long walk. By participating in bad or difficult experiences, we increase our ability to gain access to the joys of life. However, our companies tend to downplay these types of experiences. Research at the University of Melbourne has shown that living in a society that expects us to always be happy is like driving towards depression. One of our studies involved monitoring participants for one month as they kept daily diaries, and we found that social expectations were a central component of depressive symptoms in humans.

The Covid19 Effect 

Many of us don’t want to remember the day when the entire country went into lockdown for three months. It was the moment when our easy-going life took a sharp turn. Few were lucky enough to reach their respective homes within time. After enjoying the lengthiest holiday, many college students and the batch who were about to start their career went through a tough mental journey, where the market barely had jobs for freshers.

Going through an economic crunch, side-by-side losing your loved ones, missing out on your personal goals, and lack of self-care; were the points that went through every individual’s life. I have seen these scenarios and got to know such experiences that shattered families. 

Later, many individuals who were freshers in search of jobs that could furnish their skills got the opportunity and had a sound of relief in their minds. That was one of the examples from our lives where we had an experience of extreme pain and later turned towards happiness. The same goes with our life, “unless we taste the pain, we would not be able to feel the pleasure of happiness”. 

“Life is uncertain, Always live the moment with joy!”

By Parag Ahire

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