What is Panashi?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a reality, with robots employing algorithms that provide them superhuman powers. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are transforming businesses all over the world. PANASHI’s solutions for automating payments, services, and processes are based on these emerging technologies: artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

What are their Mission and Vision?

The company was Co-Founded by Salam Arangath. Their mission is to make business more digital and automated, and as a result, more successful and profitable.

They wish to become the chosen digital transformation and automation partner for the world’s smallest to largest businesses.

What’s their identity?

Panashi is a system integrator and automation solution supplier. They are a group of experts with extensive expertise in the field of automation. Their areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, machine learning, remote terminal administration, and self-service kiosks, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart healthcare solutions. The team members have an average of 15 years of experience working with tech behemoths. They’ve brought together experts from a variety of fields, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, kiosks, and terminal management systems. The PANASHI team had previously led the delivery of large-scale projects.

What is the significance of Panashi?

The world of technology is rapidly developing, and customers want things to happen quickly and easily. PANASHI believes that with their continuous research and development in automation, they can make a major contribution to making people’s lives easier. They assist their clients in leading this technological development by providing custom automation solutions.

Gold medalist academics, brilliant software architects, data scientists, enthusiastic software developers, seasoned hardware engineers, and astute business minds make up their team. Panashi comes with transparency, integrity, and confidentiality of client’s data, as well as rapid success delivery and unrivaled support services.

Panashi’s Solutions

  1. RestaurantsA restaurant’s goal is to continually be new and innovative while still running the business efficiently. They may accomplish both with the aid of Panashi’s kiosk. They may save money by using their kiosk as a self-ordering channel, along with their content management system which allows the client to update menus in seconds (CMS).
  2. In-store kioskAllow a restaurant’s customers to select food from the kiosk screen’s beautiful menu and pay for it there in the machine with cash or card.
  3. Drive through kioskMany customers do not have time to get out of their car and come into your store to order their meal. The drive-through kiosk assists such customers in ordering.
  4. Countertop KioskWith the help of a countertop kiosk reception of customers can be handled with AI rather than manually standing at the front desk.
  5. Airports
    • Airport Kiosk Solutions
    • The airport is always a spectacle with long check-in lines. PANASHI Check-in kiosks assist customers and airports in quickly checking in and printing boarding passes. The customer will be asked to identify themselves by inserting a credit card, punching in their flight confirmation code, or entering their frequent flyer number at our check-in kiosk. The boarding pass will then be printed instantaneously at the check-in kiosk. Passport scanners, Smart ID card readers, biometric readers, cameras, and other features will be available at the check-in kiosk. The processing time will be a few seconds.
  6. Using a self-service check-in kiosk at an airport helps in the following:
    • A customer can use his passport or ID to prove his identity.
    • A customer can confirm their travel details.
    • A customer can examine their information, especially seat allocations.
    • A customer can make a note of their checked luggage.
    • A customer can get his boarding pass printed
  7. TelecomTelecom Smart KioskWith the rise in global mobile customers, the telecom industry has become one of the most competitive markets. Queue management is essential for staying ahead of the competition. People want services to be quick, simple, and available at all times. They will transfer to a different service provider if they have to wait for their turn at the Customer Service Center. Panashi’s Telecom Self Service Machine (SSM) provides a diverse range of services tailored to the telecom industry’s unique difficulties and requirements. Their kiosk, which is equipped with the best-in-class software and technology, is a one-stop-shop for all clients’ telecom needs. Everything may be done using only one Telecom Self Service Machine, from sim card issuance through top-up by e-voucher and bill payment. These Kiosks are fully configurable, allowing a customer to select particular hardware to be placed according to their requirements. One may now easily market their products and services while also collecting customer information.
  8. Money exchange solutionsRemittance Kiosk SolutionsThe flow of remittances throughout the world is rising, as is competition. Customers must be retained, and new customers must be sought by money exchange firms. Companies must expand their reach to more clients, but the conventional technique of creating new branches is no longer appealing due to expensive rent and operating costs. Being Clever is a smart approach to expand their reach or make them available to customers. To put it another way, being digital. Money exchange houses, like banks, have joined the digitization league by extending their service hours after business hours. The two means of making their service available to their clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week are a kiosk that functions as a branch and a mobile app for remittance. A self-service kiosk performs all of the functions of a remittance clerk or teller, allowing a registered client to select a beneficiary from his list, select the destination amount to be transferred, and pay with cash and get change.
Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size 2-10 employees
Headquarters Silicon Oasis, Dubai
Type Privately Held
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