Parched Food Works

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“Team of Rural-Entrepreneurs bridging the gap in dehydrated food products”

Parched food works are a Social Enterprise that provides market connections to Farmer Organizations, Village Enterprises, and Self-Help Groups. They believe in providing a fair value of the product and reducing the wastage along the fresh food supply chain by connecting them to a year-round market of processed dehydrated ingredient products under their brand. They are a team of entrepreneurs (Rural-preneurs) providing the best quality packaged dehydrated ingredient food products to their customers straight from the farms of rural producers.

They provide safe, healthy, versatile, and affordable dehydrated ingredient food with world-class quality and taste to their customer. They are dedicated to creating a robust food supply chain to give their customer the best quality packaged food products with no added colors, preservatives, and fillers by ensuring quality control procedures right from the farms to the finished packaged products.

Products they offer:

  • Seasonings (Pizza seasoning, Pasta seasoning, peri-peri)
  • Spices (Himalaya turmeric powder, Garlic granules, Onion flakes, chili flakes) 
  • Himalayan Herbs (Stevia Flakes, Oregano Flakes, Basil Flakes, Rosemary Flakes, etc)

It is not known when humans began to use the first herbs and spices as flavoring agents. Garlic and onions were documented as being used 4,500 years before the present. Humans used spices to help preserve foods before refrigeration. Both were also used in religious ceremonies. Spices and herbs are defined as plant-derived substances that add flavor to any dish. It is difficult to distinguish between the two. Spices can come from the following plant parts: roots, rhizomes, stems, leaves, bark, flowers, fruits, and seeds. Herbs are typically thought of as non-woody plants. 

 Parched food works have set foot in the food industry with a vision of disruptive innovation in providing market access to all rural and village-backed enterprises with a mission of being Vocal for Local. They empower rural enterprises to get fair value for their produce and bring prosperity to their home and village. They envision a sustainable food industry that always provides safety and transparency. An industry that provides natural and processed foods with versatility and variety without compromising the safety and health of people and the planet. They bring to their customers products that titillate their taste buds, provide nutrition, and build immunity at the same time. They have the vision to provide safe & best-packaged food to everyone and reduce food wastage by giving fair value to rural enterprises.


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