Patron Landmark Project Pvt. Ltd.

4. Arijit Ghosh, Founder- Patron Landmark Project Pvt. Ltd.- Top 10 Architecture _ Interior Design Companies in 2022

Acting as a driver to economic growth by making innovative corporate and world class space

About Company

PATRON LANDMARK, based in Kolkata, has grown from success to success. The goal of PATRON LANDMARK is to create an environment where professional talents for the growth of the region are recognized and supported. “No compromises in quality due to its excellence” is the company’s policy, which leads its success to demanding technical success by building beautiful buildings and landmarks for all future generations. but also to grow and develop without the basic and real values ​​of sacrificing life. This is our declared commitment to constantly contribute to the health, happiness, and well-being of our team members by supporting their needs and desires.

Every employee of the organization supports the vision and hidden potential resident of the group to become a leader in the field at the national and international level. We have a vision and commitment to excel among age groups through innovation and quality services at the most competitive prices with timely delivery, business management, and accountability management. Our company is ready to grow and reach the peak of the dramatic rise of the construction industry rankings with the commitment and talented candidates to continually improve our business processes. It is my full effort and task to make PATRON LANDMARK a better place for employees and our valued clients and to ensure that everyone who works with us continues to build a lasting relationship for a fruitful future.

We are a leading supplier and interior decorator in Kolkata. Construction work, furniture, floors, bathroom furniture, carpets, curtains, and household items, etc. are our specialties.


Established in 2005, Kolkata is now one of the most popular interior designers and decorators in West Bengal.

Today, PATRON LANDMARK’s entrepreneurial spirit continues and the company continues its growth story by expanding across the country. No matter how big we are, we remain united under a common goal: building and interior design.

Vision & Mission

Act as the engine of economic growth by creating an innovative and global business space.

Support infrastructure development in West Bengal by adopting global standards and best practices and attracting/retaining talent to build an ecosystem for sustainable growth.


The management team is led by Mr. Arijit Ghosh. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, real estate management, and corporate real estate.

A capable leader, Mr. Abhishek Bose has led many challenging projects and the company has helped launch many new initiatives. He leads the entire PATRON LANDMARK team.


  • All kinds of misc. civil work.
  • Tiling / Marble / and all other flooring work.
  • All kinds of plumbing and sanitary jobs.
  • All kinds of electrical works.
  • All kinds of false ceiling work.
  • All kinds of carpentry jobs including furniture, wall paneling, etc.
  • All kinds of blind fixing work (vertical/roller etc).
  • All kinds of painting jobs including POP/Putty job.
  • All kinds of wooden polishing jobs.
  • All kinds of aluminum doors, windows, cladding work.
  • All kinds of glasswork (cladding etc).
  • Selling all kinds of modern types of furniture.
  • Providing and installing all types of electronics and gadgets like AC, Geysers, Water-Purifier, Chimney, Security camera, Security Locks Etc.
  • Fitting & Fixing of Locks, Handles Etc.


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