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6. Nandish Domlur, Co-Founder- Payism Global- The 10 Most Promising Finance Companies In India 2022

Financial Management for Rural and Underbanked Communities

Payism is a technology-driven financial solutions provider, largely catering to the needs of domestic migrants and the unbanked population. The advent of Payism and access to its services has revolutionized tedious tasks such as instant money transfers, utility bill payments, and recharges easy and delightful.

Ecaps operates through Equity Capital Advisors (India) Private Limited, its subsidiary in Bangalore, India. Ecaps is the world’s leading open banking system that brings world-class, customizable products to its customers. Ecaps philosophy is an investment in social progress through financial inclusion that brings the best returns.

Payism is a business venture with a social edge. The Visionary behind the initiative firmly believes that progress is effective only when it is comprehensive. Unlike the urban segment that goes hand-in-hand with technology certain sections co-exist, are deprived of upgraded services. This concern transformed into prospective thought and eventually took shape as Payism technologies in the year 2014.

Endured with time and challenges, Payism has emerged as a strong and trusted associate. In a decade-plus time, newer additions were to the product line, and services extended to remote corners of the country. Today, the initiative is bolstered with a robust network of 1300 plus distributors and over 28000 retailers. Banking on the best of human intelligence and technology, Payism is poised to scale greater heights to deliver unparalleled solutions and services to the needy.

Their Ecosystem:

  1. Assist: Transfer money across the country instantly through secure channels. Access banking services anywhere, anytime through an authorized correspondent with the help of Aadhar identification. ECAPS provides a single interface that enables retailers to manage customer requirements of any telecom recharges, DTH, or internet bills seamlessly.
  • Health: ECAPS HEALTH brings a set of insurance and telemedicine products for the common man via the Ecaps retailer network. ECAPS HEALTH provides life insurance, Hospicash, General Insurance such as Two/Four-wheeler, Third Party, and Travel. In association with the V-Health Aetna group, ECAPS HEALTH offers telemedicine packages for doctor consultation and health checkups in 1600 partner outlets across India.
  • Edge: ECAPS EDGE is the premium version of ECAPS ASSIST. Through ECAPS EDGE, the retailer gets the advantage of a credit facility and a working capital loan to carry out the business. It’s an on-demand day loan facility to suit his requirements. The ECAPS EDGE also comes with loyalty cards and an option for an agent to customize the margins to his subagents.
  • Joy: ECAPS JOY is an assisted E-Commerce platform made on blockchain technology for making online shopping more accessible for the masses and rural population. It assists Ecaps retailer networks in urban, semi-urban, and rural areas by connecting them directly with the manufacturers to shop inventory for sale.
  • Aspire: In ECAPS ASPIRE, they deploy Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/Cash Recycler Machine (CRM) under the WLA revenue share model with HITACHI India at Ecaps retailer outlets to bring in a win-win proposition. At present only 22 ATMs are available to every 1,00,000 people in India. In addition, due to high operational costs, the number of ATM/CRMs shrank in the past two years despite an increase in transactions. This brings a unique opportunity to offer the value proposition of WLA ATM/CRMs deployed at Ecaps retailer’s brick and mortar space and cash serviced under the revenue-sharing model.
  • Collect: ECAPS COLLECT is a payment gateway for businesses. It’s a one-point solution to avoid the hassles in bank transactions that the retailers face at their collection point. A large number of retailers lose time and energy in managing the customers at the payment counter. Despite the increasing use of digital payments, interoperability between payment apps is the need of the hour. With ECAPS COLLECT, the retailer can now manage the collection quickly and avoid long queues.

They believe that an investment in social change managed thoughtfully and professionally gives the best dividends. Their innovative and proprietary technology, energetic team, distributors, and retailers work cohesively to make them a reliable and trusted partner for fulfilling the needs, aspirations, and lifestyle of their customers.

They are a customer-first company. They give utmost importance to quality, trust, and deep understanding of the needs of the user in everything they do. They craft their success story around customer centricity and that’s how they stand out in the crowd


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