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“Adding value to your company by providing the right people to scale up and & execute better.”

People Pivot: The success of every business depends on the efficiency of its processes.

About People Pivot

People Pivot is a new generation workplace management, staffing, and people management consulting firm that promises to bring value to its customers’ businesses by supplying the right people to help them scale up and execute better. We are equally committed to helping our employees discover work that is a good fit for their natural abilities so that they can reach their maximum potential.

People Pivot are convinced that the best long-term solution for businesses and communities is to find a win-win situation. People Pivot is delighted to be a part of this expanding ecosystem, which aspires to increase corporate efficiency while also creating growth-oriented job opportunities.

People Pivot solutions and services are tailor-made to match unique requirements of businesses.

People Pivot multi-pronged approach in service industry enabled us to venture into complimentary businesses like Facilities Management Services, (Self Performed Housekeeping, Technical Services and Facilities Consulting); Tail-end spend management; Temporary and Contract placement solutions; Recruitment and permanent placement; Training and engagement programs.

These solutions are essentially set-up to assist Small & Mid-Sized companies to focus on their growth, with People Pivot providing a single window solution in business and service delivery by managing their Non-Core functions including FM Services, Indirect Spend Management, Audits & Certifications, Liasioning, Part-time & full-time Staff Recruitment.

People Pivot Vision

To provide an exceptional customer experience while continuously working towards creating better lives.

People Pivot Mission

People Pivot’s mission is to help businesses achieve operational efficacies and competitiveness by deploying trained manpower to handle business operations.

It is also our mission to use the technology to bridge the gap between employment opportunities and work aspirants by accurate talent assessment and focused training programmes.

People Pivot Values

Passion: People Pivot are passionate about wanting to help businesses and people achieve their full potential.

Customer Centricity: People Pivot customers are our guiding light and we listen closely to their needs and wants.

Fairness & Equitable: Treat all our associates fairly and provide equitable opportunities for their personal growth and professional success.

Integrity: Maintain transparency and highest standards of ethics and integrity with all our stakeholders.

People Pivot Expertise

People Pivot is convinced that the biggest cause of job discontent and labour churn is not the people, but the fitment. A resource that is well-matched is a win-win situation for everyone. Businesses can improve their efficiency by bringing in well-matched workers who have been trained on job-specific processes.

As a result, deployment is faster, productivity is higher, and retention is higher. Overall, there was a considerable reduction in the HR budget.

People Pivot Services Offered

Because every business is different, People Pivot solutions and services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide a range of services to help you manage and expand your business efficiently, from temporary and contract placement solutions to recruitment and permanent placement, training and engagement programmes.

Workplace Management

The FM sector has naturally evolved from a traditional, brick-and-mortar business to one that is more about people and their management, with the outcomes being directly tied to how effectively the facility managers perform while on the job. To provide Housekeeping, Technical, and General Administration services to our customers, we have strong management and on-the-ground delivery teams.

Work Force Management

People Pivot enables our clients to find the right resources for their manpower needs through a host of solutions like staffing solutions, managed services and permanent placement.

Talent Matching, Skill Building & Training

It is critical to improve skills in concert with market demands in order to attract and retain talent. It is an attempt to close the gap between demand and supply of trained personnel in modern India’s fast-growing services, logistics, and retail industries. People Pivot provide a variety of programmes to prepare job applicants in English proficiency, basic computer education, and soft skills.

People Pivot also provides job-specific training on company SOPs to the targeted resources. This reduces the organization’s training work while also preparing colleagues to smoothly assume their responsibilities.

Company Name:People Pivot Pvt. Ltd.
Founding Year:2019
Founder:Rishi Bagga, CEO
Industry:Facilities Services
Area Served :India
Specialities:Facilities Management Services, Housekeeping, Tail End Spend Management , Facilities Consulting, Recruitment, Training, Safety Audits, and Safety Certifications

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