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8. Sanjay Sharma, Founder _ CEO - Pericent BPM _ DMS Software Pvt Ltd - 10 Best Corporate Leaders From Jaipur 2021

Umbrella platform for software solutions

Pericent BPM AND DMS Software provides software platforms that combine intelligent automation, business rules, document management, and enterprise-level low-code development to rapidly deliver powerful business process applications. They serve some well-known brands, as well as global customers including fortune 500 companies. Their head office is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The key pillars of “Digital Transformation” are a combination of three types of enterprise software components including Document Management, Process Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning that manage various types of business processes, documents, decisions in the organization. Here, Enterprise Resource Planning already exists in every organization. To retain success and growth in today’s competitive edge, it is also critical for organizations to manage the various business processes, which are mostly not covered in ERPs system require access to internal role hierarchies, vendors, auditors, government bodies, clients, partners, and other external parties. That’s the reason they are here to help you out in this situation. 

Products they have:

  • DocEdge: Digitally Transform your business, go paperless. DocEdge is document management software with a workflow solution that makes managing documents of your business truly effortless. Capture, organize, share, collaborate, and distribute your documents with docEdge.
  • BpmEdge: Identity, model, automate measure processes. A flexible and state-of-the-art process automation platform built over cutting-edge technology framework for CXOs to adapt to ever-changing business scenarios in the technology stack.

Consulting and services they offer: 

To expedite the deployment and integration of a Document Management System they provide the following services:

  • Consulting Services & Improve Bottom-line: They are more than just a technology vendor. They’re your strategic partner for your organization’s pillars, with over a decade of experience building and implementing technology solutions to improve the bottom line for various major enterprises around the world. Let them ensure your ROI and they will take you to next level. 
  • Discovery & Blueprinting: Pericent offers you consulting services to help your business Discovery & Blueprinting and do an analysis of your document routing processes and business processes/operation in the same way as you do in your home improvement project. i.e., if anyone, who has built or improved a house better understands, a blueprint of your project offers you the best chance of successfully achieving your goals.
  • Consulting for Re-engineering: Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) involves the examination and redesign of your organization’s business processes and documents workflows. “A business process is a set of related work activities that are performed by employees to achieve business goals.”
  • Digitization & Indexing:  You need to protect your business documents, to make them secure, quite accessible to all authorized persons, and well protected from unauthorized access, theft, and damage. They can certainly help you to scan and index your information into industry-standard digital formats, and then integrate your data into your overall Document Management System (DMS) with the help of Digitization & Indexing features.
  • Onboarding & Classification Services: DocEdge DMS Software Platform is coming up with various features to automatically onboard documents and allows us to do either manual or automatic organize them into different folders and apply classification meta tags. They can do the automatic classification of documents by using natural language processing APIs from Google cloud, structure and naming of documents as per predefined document types.
  • Solutions & Implementations: They provide full implementation services for new clients for their digital transformation initiative. Over time, as your people gain proficiency in the BpmEdge Platform, they can become a complementary part of the project team. Whether they’re staffed for the project duration or just onsite for a couple of weeks, they try to fill in the gaps in roles or expertise, especially in areas like human factors and performance.

Their innovative solutions optimize and automate your business processes to balance machine and human capabilities more systematically. Their product engineers are setting higher standards and using the latest technology frameworks. They empower businesses through enterprise technology. They serve well-known brands, across the globe, with process workflow solutions designed and executed by our expert team for more than a decade. They engineer their software implementation success by creating an end-to-end ecosystem. 


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