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11. Shekhar Pathak Founder _ Global Sales Head Picano Education LLP The 10 Best Leaders in E Learning Industry 2022

In the process of forming India’s biggest marketplace with aim to provide anything and everything related to learning from early years till eternity

Picano Education LLP is a branch of Picano India. Picano India is a manufacturer of Institutional Furniture and has supplied furniture to more than 5000 Institutions across India. With more than 15 years of experience in providing Institutional Services to Schools, Institutions, and Corporates, they are happy to inform you that ‘Picano Education’ is in the process of becoming India’s largest Marketplace, with an aim from the early years of Anything and everything related to learning has to be provided. To all their valuable customers till eternity.

They intend to offer courses ranging from K-12 to university level, competitive exams to skill development, personal to vocational education by collaborating with the best content and service providers across the globe. They are striving to provide a platform that stands to keep the world relevant with the changing times. Their main aim is to have the best at everyone’s heart.

Why Choose Them?

  • Choice Of Courses: Picano offers a choice of courses selected from the best e-learning courses across the globe. This makes it possible for you to buy the best courses from anywhere in the world.
  • Supported with AI. : soon you will see that their marketplace helps you choose a course based on your aptitude and taste.
  • Take Notes: The courses available on their website have a provision to take more than one course at a time. You can also take notes to remind the syllabus later.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: They hope you like their Book Rental Service. Their team makes every effort to provide you with an easy and enjoyable experience of renting books at any time of the year.

Institutional Solutions

  • ERP: 19+ modules, instant deployment to meet all your needs. All in one platform controlled by your mobile. Multi-level access control. Integrate your accounts, monitoring, tracking, and more.
  • LMS (K-12): Get online, connect and start learning. Unlimited time, people, and several classes. Organize webinars, classes, coaching, tutorials with instant deployment. Unlimited duration of sessions and participants.
  • Coding: The purpose of teaching coding to school students is not only to teach children to code but to teach themselves how to code and build technology as a solution to problems. A futuristic coding curriculum for schools that enhances their problem skills is new to the schools themselves.
  • Solutions For Coaching Centers: Be the preferred online teacher of students across India. Launch your online brand on your mobile app. Get started today and build your future!
  • Career counseling and selection: Career development is a lifelong process, whether you know it or not, it started at your birth! Many factors affect your career development, including your interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. Career counseling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work to make career, educational, and life decisions.
  • Touchless Hiring and Assessment: Computer adaptive test that measures job applicants in critical areas such as communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills, and job-specific domain skills, thus helping recruiters to identify the suitability of the candidate.
  • Corporate Curriculum: To improve the essential working skills and knowledge of the employees of the company through an organized method of instruction.
  • Skill Development Course: Skill development is the process of identifying your skill gaps and developing and honing these skills. This is important because your skills determine your ability to successfully execute your plans.


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Website- https://www.picano.in/

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