Plariis Consulting – Right From Ideation, Discovery, Planning To Execution


Assessing data through interpretations of patterns and logic gives viable information.


The ascribing of contextual relevance to gleaned information enables meaningful insights.


The insights led approach allows distinguishing the right fit solutions thereby influencing decisions and reinforcing our credo of Clarifying Purpose.

Depending on the step of business, Plariis employs a variety of data-backed approaches to resolve the best possible way forward. Identifying first principles & fundamentals of the business

 Concept – Context Relevance

 Hypothesis & Business Case Plan

 Exploring suitable pathways for success

 State of Play

 Market Sizing

 Competitive Landscape

 Trends, Drivers & Challenges



Enabling businesses to deliver their value proposition that meets their stated objective

 Marketing & Sales Strategy

 Customer Engagement Model

 Pricing Strategy

 Business Model

 Elevate

 Craft a true competitive advantage that can impact at scale

 Investment Advisory

 Financial Modelling

 Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement

Our Methodology

We achieve it by executing it in a following manner

• Research

Data is garnered through secondary research, expert interviews, surveys and other mechanisms to get rational, qualified views of market realities.

• Assessment

Researched data is further assessed to provide relevant information to identify specific problem areas and/or opportunities to further classify business & market needs

• Hypothesis

The assessed information is then shaped into a working hypothesis to quantify the realisable value for a business.

• Analysis

The critical factors are analysed from the hypothesized solution to arrive at the suitability of implementing or reworking of said hypothesis.


The findings are further articulated and presented in reports and other applicable mediums to assist stakeholders in decision making.

• Enablement

Build the groundwork for meaningful associations/alliances to advance proposition.

“Chance favours the Prepared Mind”

The environment we live and operate is constantly changing. It is natural for us to look for confirming information about our view of the world, but it’s often more important to look for disconfirming information.

Organized in 2016, Polaris is a new age boutique strategic consulting firm predicated on the premise of re-imagining strategy for a digital-first world. We are committed to providing unique and differentiated solutions to our clients by leveraging the expertise and experience of our team with the ultimate objective of planning, unlocking and discovering value.

Strategy recommendations are made after –In-depth discussions with relevant stakeholders

Building a deep understanding, through research of marketplace realities Identifying best-fit/approach methodologies/hypotheses that address not just the stated but the unstated client challenges

At Plariis, we believe in building strong relationships through the quality of our outcome-oriented advisory services. At Plariis, We help young companies with the strategies that lead to the accomplishment of their business goals be it growth, revenue, sustainability or investment. Right from Ideation, Discovery, Planning to Accomplishment. We do various activities around Sales, Marketing, Business Modelling and Investments.

We can choose us for …

Our Industry expertise includes Banking, Supply chain and Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail to name a few. Have attached our company profile, to help you make an educated decision regarding our services and how we can channel that to deliver results.

Industry Management Consulting
Company size 2-10 employees
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka
Type Partnership
Founded 2019

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