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About Vaibhav Tyagi CEO/Founder Plethora Power

After graduating, I always wanted to pursue my dream of becoming an inventor and develop new and better technology and what better way to achieve the dream by being an entrepreneur thus PLETHORA POWER born as a manufacturing industry of green solutions.

I was never a bookworm & was always that Science exhibition kid. And here I am living my science exhibition every day.

Being a mechanical engineer & being keenly interested in electrical & electronics played a pivotal role during the R&D phase of the company now in day-to-day production it helps to tackle any technical problems if any and also helps in being creative when we design new products.

What services does your company offer? What differentiates your services from your contemporaries?

As fossil fuels are a depleting source of energy and also a polluting one thus a replacement is necessary hence, we started working on green solutions,

We are working in lithium-ion battery technology for the EV sector. We also deal in solar turn-key projects and provide E-GENSET (ESS).

And when it comes to being different from our competitors, I think it’s our service and ability to customize and entertain even a single order with the same importance and enthusiasm as that of bulk and also our hold of the green technology. 100% customization is a day-to-day fact at Plethora Power Pvt Limited, YOU NAME IT, WE HAVE IT.

Your company manufactures and supplies green substitutes for fossil fuels. How efficient the substitutes are compared to fossil fuels?

Green substitutes are a ‘Redefinition’ of how we survive and utilize power, be it in transportation, electricity, or daily essentials. It’s 100% efficient. It’s an evident fact that the running cost of these substitutes is negligible. We often tend to forget that green solutions are an investment, not only a financial one but most importantly an investment in your own life-giver -planet earth. Choose the green & E-vehicles, solar projects, and don’t curse anymore because one substitute is worth 100 transformed thoughts.

Tell us about your company’s infrastructure and its establishment

The R&D started in 2016 and ever since then we were researching. Once we were thoroughly prepared in the backend & all the blueprints were parameter fit, we established our dream into a functioning unit in 2018. The infrastructure constitutes a state-of-the-art organization, with the best technology, in-house testing facilities, the latest machines, a really cool chill zone & conference, with a dash of refreshing flora in the premises.

What is your company’s goal and vision?

Our goal is to become the largest setup & manufacturer of green substitutes. Be it anywhere – Any size – Any medium, we aim to provide the best commercial, industrial, institutional, residential power solutions & Lithium-ion battery packs.

It sounds enormously emotional and extremely passionate when we say that we believe in making our planet better, all we want to prove is that green solutions are not just an option but we want to make them an addiction, where our brand becomes a flag-bearer of cascading the change in the thought process of people. The customers need to think “Oh it’s eco-friendly that means it’s a plethora’s product, if it’s cost-effective then it’s a product by plethora, if it has a plethora of options then it’s definitely Plethora Power Private Limited”.

We are building our brand as the first name of the trust. Because as of now the customers are in the middle of a change, a change which Plethora Power Private Limited believes would incline people’s perspective into a positive one when it comes to e-vehicles and li batteries or even green solutions in general.

What is your opinion on the current sustainability crisis in India?

Factors are multifaceted, and to be honest, it’s a long-term vision of getting the best of technology at the best affordable rates and reaching out to the maximum potential canvas.

Different: I can say that there are 2(Ts) that matter the most in sustainability & how different you are from the market Technology and Target assessments.

We are a brand that’s helping evolve the power sector in India & especially the battery sector. We give you endless possibilities

Where do you see ‘Plethora Power’ in the future?

We want Plethora to be omnipresent. In fact, a brand which you would recommend me to try and so for everybody else as well. We want Plethora to prove that abundance has a face, it is customizable & indeed it’s eco-friendly. And, hopefully, as we pace up to the top where we see ourselves as a Benchmark.

Tell us briefly about your team and their contribution to your success

My way to measure success is the number of people working relentlessly and selflessly with you with a common motive of growth for everybody. With a team like ours, it’s a map to a road journey. Be it the Research & Development department, the production team, a campus drive for entry-level hiring, or after dinner conversations with the family everything‘s done from the grassroots level and transparency as the pivot. I do think the stronger the roots the taller you are. For me, every decision is as close to a life-changing one because it’s the loop that we have consciously made to rise together, to support each other, and even to get success together.

Lastly, what message would you like to give to young entrepreneurs across the country?

“I would say it’s good to know things, better to learn even more and the best to apply all of them efficiently because as young entrepreneurs, never think that you know everything; Always remember that a cup that’s already full cannot hold any more water in it, therefore, always learn to listen. Because, “the more you learn the more you earn”.

I want to emphasize that always strive to be resource full, if you can’t arrange a vendor find a way, Explore and apply to get things done. Hit the bull’s eye and make it a habit to Never Ever Give Up, because to improvise – to Adapt & to overcome is the mantra.”


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