Below are the highlights of the conversation between Swiftnlift Business Magazine and The company was founded by Pramod Bharadwaj and Puneet Gupta in the year 2020. We are glad to share this exclusive interview with all the readers.

Vision and mission

We are a hyper-scale deep-AI platform that brings cutting edge unstructured data intelligence through easy to use conversational interfaces and at highly competitive price points. We are ready with the tech. We have implemented what we believe is the first enterprise-grade hyper-scale AI architecture that is truly modelled on the lines of human cognitive thinking and we have demonstrated the tech in the real world. 1500+ cognitive cores (micro brains) orchestrated in real-time, processing approximately a billion human conversations, bringing cost-effectively cutting edge NLP. Demonstrated execution in both PaaS & SaaS models- Polynomial’s vision is to help enterprises leverage unstructured information, using artificial intelligence, to transform the way they engage and respond to their customers’ needs. Our mission is to disrupt the industry to make human cognition level machine intelligence available to everyone. wants to accomplish this through a series of offerings crafted on its core platform. Currently, is working towards strengthening its core platform to enable customers success across Singapore, the US & Indian markets.

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

We are constantly engaging with all kinds of industries that have multiple processes that require interaction with end-users. Our product design and experience team look for pain areas in the way these business processes are orchestrated and look at designing new forms of interactions that can convert these pain areas to gain areas. To do so, we have a network of experts and advisors who are guiding the core tech team to appropriately mature the platform and to address dynamic real-world problems.

What might you find when you are looking at the overall process where something simple might have been stalling it? The key is having the right design approach. Embedded into our DNA is the desire to constantly refine and redefine the problem statement even when at the outset the customer seems to be sure about the problem. We push and try to arrive at the real problem behind the stated problem and that helps us develop insights which when combined with the right technology delivers the most optimal solution.

Why should one prefer you?

We are a passionate team of ai scientists, user experience consultants and domain specialists that pride themselves in solving problems to their full potential. When a customer works with us, not only do they get access to the most advanced ai which is platformed for ease and cost-effectiveness, but also grant access to the team that looks at problems and solutions holistically.

What inspires you to use ai technology in the finance sector and how efficient is it?

Financial services are going through the biggest disruption brought in by digital. The standard workflow automation problem has been solved to a large extent. What is now needed is to deepen the way this industry personalizes its interactions in a way that each experience is unique to the specific user. And AI holds the key. We have built platforms that can help the financial service sector adopt avant-garde AI in a way that produces tangible results and is architecturally ready to deal with the regulatory and enterprise architecture complexities.

What kind of support did you need when you started

We had the finest minds that came together to produce what we wanted to. That passion and enthusiasm fuelled the initial leg, which easily deals with every perplexing situation that comes its way. We were also blessed to be incubated by Coantumleap, which got engaged with us on every facet of the business to build a solid foundation

What are your views on today’s industry scenario? What is your strategy to reach new industries and new customers?

The industry is ready and ripe for AI to be widely adopted. Our core offerings are being rapidly transformed into a PaaS and SaaS format. In addition, we are developing new sales and marketing platforms to expand our presence in areas such as North America and Southeast Asia. Additionally, promising entrepreneurs use our platform to completely develop technology that has the potential to disrupt the industry.

How does work on making the industry better? What can be expected from polynomial in the upcoming years? is working closely to solve unstructured text intelligence problems. Polynomial’s suitability for industries is due to its “human-like” approach to doing the same. This not only allows industries to have a better understanding of their customers, but it also allows them to create goods that are powered by domain value. In a recent engagement, polynomial assisted an Indian real estate company in thoroughly adopting AI systems capable of performing human-like tasks. Intelligent customer support interactions are provided by sales functions, which automate up to 85-90 % of question tickets and provide full employee assistance from on boarding to sign-up. Polynomial intends to qualify enterprises with deeper ai in the coming days through its domain adaptable product offerings. We’ve also concentrated on solution offerings built on top of the polynomial platform. We plan to expand these services vertically to provide end- to-end workflows.

Tell us about the CEO/ founder of the company. What were the impediments faced at the time of inception?

In a nutshell, it’s been an incredible experience so far. Pramod and Puneet, the founders and mentors of polynomial AI, had a deeper desire to build human-level thinking systems. Technically, it was a difficult road to travel because we had to overcome many established “unknowns” and “limitations.” Longer study explorations by the pair over the course of 12-14 months resulted in a business strategy that was put into action in March 2020. The engineering team, which was deliberately assembled by the company’s founders, is the heart of the company’s technology. Polynomial’s co- founders faced a greater challenge in promoting a creative work culture despite the fact that the company was still in its early stages.

Year of Founding:2020
Funding information Seed funded
Founding member  Pramod Bharadwaj, Puneet Gupta and Manish Bhai
Office locations  Bangalore, Singapore
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