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Praxis EMR

Founded in 1989, Praxis EMR is an award-winning EHR system, serving thousands of physicians across the U.S. and globally. Praxis’s passionate focus on efficient usability and optimal user experience is well-reflected in the system’s strategic template-free model, which allows for utmost flexibility and adaptation.
Due to its flexible nature, Praxis EMR is arguably the most well suited EHR prepared to serve all different types of specialties and can be seen across a plethora of uniquely run institutions. While other top EHR systems tend to prioritize the patient experience over the physician’s, Praxis EMR uniquely prioritizes both, making it the top rated EHR by physicians and a compelling solution for many practices.

Praxis is a customizable cloud- or server-based EHR system and is certified as a complete EHR for MACRA and freely automates CMS Quality Reporting Programs. Praxis stands out on this list for its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) operating system, called Concept Processing that intuitively becomes faster and smarter with greater use. Unlike all other EMRs, Praxis champions a template-free model that is demonstrated to improve medical quality, increase revenues of 30-40%, protect against potential legal issues, and lower physician burnout. Praxis EHR’s AI system and template-free model is one of a kind and reflects on the simple but extraordinarily important premise of medicine as an art.
Praxis acknowledges that no two doctors practice medicine the same way and allows for utmost user freedom in allowing physicians to transform their EHR experience to reflect their distinct way of practicing medicine. Additionally, Praxis houses a unique Data Miner research tool, allowing for instant query on any information from a select patient population-perfect for implementing advances in health maintenance, clinical studies, or drug trials.
As such, Praxis both promises and delivers in all aspects of increased user efficiency and comfort for all types of specialties and institutions, regardless of size.

Likewise, Praxis shares an intense focus on optimizing the patient experience and improving the quality of healthcare delivery. Such a goal is reflected in its integrated patient-provider portal and its commitment to natural template-free charting that both decreases charting time and increases meaningful patient engagement time.
In fact, Praxis redirects two hours of charting time to the cultivation of the important physician-patient relationship.

Awards Achieved

Healthcare review organization-KLAS-has named Praxis as the top EHR category leader. Additionally, Praxis has received straight A’s from KLAS, as well as being named the Best EHR in a plethora of categories by Black Book. Praxis has won two prestigious HIMSS Davies Awards for excellence in EHR, as well as consistently being named the highest rated EHR by physician users in reviews from notable online user communities, such as Software Advice, Capterra and Get App.
Overall, Praxis, equipped with a unique AI system and template-free model, is regarded as an innovative, trustworthy, efficient, and flexible EMR system capable of meeting and exceeding the needs of all specialties and institutions. Praxis is more than an EHR; Praxis is a partner. With Praxis, specialties and institutions are well-equipped to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry and in the lives of the people they serve.

Industry Computer Software
Computer size 51-200 employees
Headquarter Commerce, California
Type Privately held
Founded 1989

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