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How was the journey of Prem Nath & Associates from the beginning to date?

The journey of Prem Nath and Associates has been extremely overwhelming. The projects I’ve worked on and the people I have met in this journey have been the driving force in my life. It has been 55 years since I started my own practice post my Architecture Degree by taking leading initiatives and giving many firsts for the country. Even after 55 years, the spark of motivation has not died. I am as active as I was 55 years ago, making newer projects and contributing more to this country.

What inspired you to establish an Architect & Interior design firm?

Architecture is one of the best professions one can practice. It is perhaps the only profession that enables one to be involved in every aspect of human life. One has to understand how a particular family lives to design their home. One has to do in-depth on how a specialist doctor works to design a hospital; one has to study mythology and religious scriptures to design a religious structure. Thus, you see, this is one profession, which ensures that one thinks ahead of time; since an architect designs what shall last for another 50-70 years or more.


My practice in arts and drawing, along with great sketching skills, led me to achieve academic success. I earned Top Honors in design; was bestowed with great opportunities which led me to lay the foundation of my own firm.

Walking through this long journey, what kind of challenges did you face?

The troubles and challenges I faced date back from the time of Partition. At times of adversities had taken a toll on the nation, a clumsy-looking boy (Prem Nath), migrating to a different nation to find a way of living with his mother and siblings was a time which had shown me the lowest. My mother turned to a construction worker and I being the elder son of the family helped her. Like all other children at the construction site crèche, followed her at the worksite. Extreme hardships during those days were my struggles – however, I turned them into my advantage – working at the construction site, I understood the fundamentals of architecture, right from planning to execution.

As I grew older, to support our family income, I started selling newspapers, balloons, etc. I would say, never underestimate the power of a poor man, no matter who you are? A person with endurance, tolerance, and zeal to work hard will definitely reach great heights. Against all odds, I passed out of school with good grades and a good hand in drawing. I found odd jobs as a blueprinting boy and then as an apprentice, and was further guided to join Architecture, for which I ended up in Mumbai, Wherein, I joined Sir JJ College of Architecture as a part-time course and supported my studies with a daytime job, and this is where I am today!

On how many projects have you worked? Which one of them is or was tough to design?

I have worked on multiple projects of different typologies. From high-end residential buildings to low-cost houses, commercial buildings, hospitality projects, etc. I like to challenge myself with something new always & we can see it in the design & execution. One of my challenging tasks was;

Royal Resort, Delhi, NCR was the most thrilling and challenging project for me. The Resort shall be amongst the luxury and charming resorts that sets an ideal meeting place for people across the globe. Set amidst a sprawling 50-acre verdant outfit, this shall be a landmark beyond perception. An amalgamation of fun, luxury, and leisure, it shall be a beautiful property.

Some highlights of the project are:

  • Luxury Hotel – 7 Star Standards
  • Large Party Lawns – Unique for Promotional & Product launch Events
  • Amphi-theater with a seating capacity for more than 10,000 people
  • Multi-level pools, water rides and above all Wave Pool – Artificial Beach
  • Golf course & jogging tracks
  • Luxury & lifestyle shopping, themed shops, handicraft village plus fashion street
  • Equipped with modern and most hi-end technology

Do you have any special memories that always make you feel proud of your contribution to the Architecture industry?

Architecture is an influential profession, by creating a lot of memories by creating Iconic Architecture – many “Firsts” in India i.e First-ever Revolving Restaurant in the country for Ambassador Hotel in Mumbai.

India’s 1st Health Spa & Body Rejuvenation Center, at Golden Palm Resorts, Bangalore.

First Multiplex-Mall in the country i.e. Fame Adlabs at Citimall, Andheri Mumbai; Country’s 1st fast-track IT building was designed, executed, and handed over in just eight months period from the date of 1st client meeting to handover.

Country’s 1st PLATINUM rated, Green Building, conceptualized by Ar. Prem Nath of Prem Nath & Associates, having more than 1.8 Lakh Sqft of school complex spread over 7.5 acres of land. This Green school building, Cygnus World School at Vadodara, is planned to keep in mind many Green Features, Eco-Friendly Material & Energy Saving Techniques.

1st Gold graded & HUDCO Award Winner Township for HMEL at Punjab. This project was conceptualized, to be one of the, most Simplistic in design, yet interestingly garnished with Green & Eco-Smart features and topped with lush landscaped acres.

Raitech Technology Park, Anant Raj Group, Delhi – a group established in 1969, owning to its credit landmark projects created through 3 decades of trust and experience. In perseverance to conceive their edifice tech-park sought creative excellence of Prem Nath & Associates, post an International Design Competition. A fully integrated global technology IT Park project has, 1st ever ‘In-Implementation’ IT-SEZ Park developed privately, with all Infrastructure facilities to IT & Software Companies;

Ar. Prem Nath is working on the 1st themed entertainment Hotel-Resort. This 7-star property on 50 acres of land shall be a landmark beyond perception. The Artificial Beach will be one of the great facilities provided.

He has also designed for Morgan Stanley of USA at Mindspace, Mumbai 

India’s 1st Award-winning Day School with No Homework – Vasant Valley School, New Delhi

Ar. Prem Nath has set a great example for society, especially the students who are inspired by him.

How would you describe the awards and accolades that you won?

I have been awarded multiple awards for my commendable work in Architecture. They act as the conduct of appreciation. Some of them include:

  • “IIA Baburao Mhatre Gold Medal 2019” at NATCON 2020 By Indian Institute of Architects
  • “Lifetime Achievement Award 2020” by Reality+ INEX Awards, Mumbai
  • Awarded with “Archid-Lifetime Achievement Award 2019” by Archid, Mumbai.
  • Bestowed with “DNA Sir J.J. Architecture Award’18” by Sir J.J. College of Architecture.
  • Recipient of “Lifetime Achievement Award: Architecture” by GROHE Huran Report 2017
  • Awarded ”Lifetime Achievement Award 2017” by WB honours.
  • Icon of the Year 2017 for Outstanding contribution to Architecture by Brands Academy
  • Awarded “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Icon of Spaces 2017, Singapore
  • Bestowed with “LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT” Award by Society Interiors, Mumbai 2017
  • Awarded the “Most Trusted Brand of Asia – Most Admired Architect of India” at the Indo-UAE Global Investment Summit, Dubai 2016
  • HUDCO Design Award 2015 for Green Architecture – HMEL Township
  • Ar. Prem Nath felicitated with “Top Architects through Decade” CWAB Award
  • Recipient of “Design Legend” Award by Society Interiors, Mumbai 2015
  • Recipient of “Most Promising Brand” in Architecture & Real Estate 2014-15 at World Brand Summit, Dubai.
  • Recipient of “Life Time Achievement Award in Hospitality Architecture” by ide, 2014
  • Recipient of “Life Time Achievement Award” by ERA Fame Media Group, September 2013
  • Recipient of “Life Time Achievement Award for Excellence in Architecture” by NDTV Profit – Brands Academy, Dec. 

What would you like to say about your team?

The team we have is highly efficient and driven by work. Each person holds a different quality which adds up to the progress of the firm.

What leadership skills do you think propelled you towards success?

Having seen the world and experienced global architecture. It enabled me to be ahead of my time. I also believe every day is a new risk, it’s a new challenge. Having good relation with the client improves the business, as working on the designs/planning keeping in mind the needs of the client gets easier. With the world evolving virtually on daily basis have to think beyond the future, having to predict what shall be good for a project and shall not outlive itself for another 30-40 years – is a risk one takes daily. I believe that an Architect is next to God – he has to foresee the future and get the same implemented as an Iconic Architectural marvel.

Tell us about your life journey and academic experience.

The experience of going to construction sites probably laid the foundation for my career.

The government had come up with make-shift classrooms to educate the children in India; I took no time grabbing that opportunity and made the best out of it. Slowly and steadily, I was noticed by the teachers and became one of the brightest students. The educators encouraged me to pursue further studies. At this point, I realized I was following what my mother used to tell me, “Padhega likhega banega babu”. Education in the country was free but the resources were not. My adversities became the driving factor; I was motivated to overcome all the hardships to see a better future.

My perseverance and intelligence led me to pursue higher studies. After completing primary education, I was on a path of college and university, yet another turning point of my life awaited. To support my ailing mother, I had to take up odd jobs. 

Being a person from a vernacular background yet so brilliant, he took up the job as a Blue Printing boy, a job which demanded extreme hours of dedication to stand in the scorching heat, as he was not offered any other jobs due to the lack of his linguistic knowledge. He found blueprinting to be a perfect fit. This job developed my interest in drawings by observing the draftsmen. 

To pursue my newfound interest in Architecture, I had two options; either take up night school and work during the day or take up day school and work during the night. I failed to get enrolled with the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) in Delhi. Determined to study Architecture, the only other option left was to go to Mumbai and apply at Sir J.J. College of Architecture. I took the risk and successfully got admission at Sir J.J. College of Architecture. A stranger to the city, not knowing anyone, the brave lad from Delhi soon became engrossed in Mumbai’s work/study life. To stand out and get recognized, I had to fake it to make it in the group; being a quiet student in class, I worked hard to stay ahead in the class. Soon, teachers and fellow classmates started noticing my brilliant work. The drawings were showcased in the college hall during events. Soon I became the rising star of the class and everyone wanted to speak with me and befriend me. Thus by overcoming my shortcomings and excelling in every stage of life, I passed my final year of Architecture School with Top Honors.

Besides being a reputed Architect, I am also a Chartered Engineer, Certified Valuer, and Real Estate Appraiser. I am involved in large corporate valuations and also present on the panel of various companies as an Advisor for Real-Estate Investments.

What will be your message to young, aspired future architects?

Architecture is a Slow Profession, we cannot hurry. A good experience is needed to be great in this profession. A good, rich practical experience of at least 7-8 years is necessary.

Year of Founding:1965
Office Locations:Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Karjat
Company Strength:20-25

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