French Navy Ships Visit Kochi to Boost Indo-French Naval Cooperation

Pune, March 9, 2023 – As part of the Jeanne d’Arc circumnavigation expedition, the French Navy ships FS Dixmude and La Fayette are on a visit to Kochi from March 6 to March 10. The visit aims to enhance Indo-French naval cooperation and boost regional maritime security and stability in the Indo-Pacific area.
On Wednesday, March 6, Rear Adm. Emmanuel Slaars (ALINDIEN), Capt. Emmanuel Mocard, and Lt. Cdr. Ghislain Deleplanque paid a visit to Rear Adm. J. Singh, Chief of Staff, Southern Naval Command, and discussed a variety of topics pertaining to maritime cooperation between the two Navies.
The French delegation has been touring Southern Naval Command ships and professional training facilities and participating in cross-training visits, professional and social interactions, and sporting events. The French Army has also boarded ships and will participate in joint military drills with the Indian Army.
The visit highlights the strong bilateral defence connections and strategic alliances between India and France, and the crucial role of Indo-French naval cooperation in promoting regional security and stability.
“We are delighted to welcome the French Navy ships to Kochi and strengthen our ties with France. The visit is a testament to the close relationship and mutual trust between our two navies, and we look forward to deepening our cooperation in the future,” said Rear Adm. J. Singh.
The visit of the French Navy ships FS Dixmude and La Fayette to Kochi underscores the importance of India-France strategic partnership and the commitment of both countries to promoting regional peace and security in the Indo-Pacific area.