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“Specialising in geological and environmental consulting services”

PRIME provides tailor-made consulting services across the full geological spectrum. Our team is formed of high Caliber Senior Geological Consultants.



To provide prompt & highest quality services to our clients by involving innovative approaches and advanced technologies in the field.


To become reliable and leading Geoscience & Environmental service provider.


Prime core values are Quality, Responsibility & Honesty of services to our clients and providing Growth to our employees, keeping in mind our Responsibilities towards sustainable development.


Within few years with our values, ethics & passion, we see ourselves as leading Geoscience & Environmental service providers.

Pushprajsinh Solanki Director PRIME GEO SERVICES

Mr. Pushprajsinh Solanki is a Masters in Geology with specialization in petroleum geology. He possesses diversified experience in geological, geophysical and geotechnical field. He has a rich experience of planning and executing projects on pan India scale.

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Tirthrajsinh Solanki Director PRIME GEO SERVICES

Mr. Tirthrajsinh Solanki is a Masters in Geology with gold medal. He possesses a sound knowledge of subject and have strong hold on software and data interpretation.

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Groundwater Assessment & Management:

The groundwater is a most important source of fresh water. With increasing unaudited use of this replenishable resource we can create a critical situation.

PGSPL possesses the full spectrum of capabilities necessary to develop, permit, manage, protect and enhance renewable groundwater resources throughout a wide range of the most challenging hydrologic settings.

We are providing comprehensive services in the field such as:

  • Preliminary surveys
  • Well inventory
  • Groundwater exploration
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) survey
  • Groundwater profiling
  • Water table mapping
  • Determining and designing of artificial recharge structure
  • Designing and implementing rainwater harvesting structures
  • Preparation of CGWA permission application, etc
  • Chemical analysis of groundwater and contamination study

We have acquired vast experience in the field through conducting more than 150 VES surveys for groundwater exploration. We have prepared numbers of reports to submit at CGWA. We have served variety of clients from farmers to multinational industries.

As a direct result of our efforts, our clients have routinely saved money, mitigated their water supply risks, expanded their strategic advantages, and bolstered their sustainability initiatives.

Geological and Geophysical Survey:

Prime Geo Services hold strong grip on geological and geophysical surveys. We are equipped with sound knowledge, personnel and instruments. Our team’s core members are having professional training of years in the field and adding to that the years of experience.

We are providing comprehensive services in the field such as:

  • Reconnaissance survey
  • Detail surveying
  • Field data collection and evaluation
  • Preparation of various kind of maps (Thematic maps, topographical maps, isopach maps, drainage maps, etc.)
  • Resource estimation
  • Geophysical surveying
  • Resistivity surveying: Schlumberger array (VES), Wenner’s array, Soil resistivity testing etc.
  • Seismic and magnetic surveying: Seismic refraction and reflection surveys, etc.
  • Logging services
  • Representation and Reporting

Apart from these we are always interested in finding best suitable solutions to our clients’ queries. We believe in finding innovative, practical and cost effective solutions of challenges in the field.

Geotechnical Investigations:

Geotechnical investigations are a base of any infrastructural project. The primary reason for geotechnical investigations is to delineate competency of ground on which construction project is going to take place. We have rich experience in conducting field investigations on pan India bases. Drilling services in on-shore and off-shore conditions are also provided by us.

We are providing comprehensive services in the field such as:

  • Geotechnical Studies for designing substructures through Borehole Exploration, Geophysical Exploration, Sub-surface Soundings and Piezometric Studies.
  • Drilling of exploratory bore holes, collecting soil/rock samples and testing of samples.
  • Identification for unsuitable soil and remedial measures for the same.
  • Standard Penetration Test.
  • Dynamic/Static Cone Penetration Tests.
  • Block Vibration Test.
  • CBR tests in field as well as in laboratories.
  • Chemical and physical testing of soil, water and rock sample.
  • Calculations of SBC and suggestions for further improvements if needed.

In addition to above listed services we are capable of providing all other geotechnical investigation services in field as well as in laboratories. The project specific needs of client will surely be satisfied by us.

Land Surveying and Mapping:

Land surveying and its representations are primary need of any infrastructural projects. It is an essential supplement for planning various stages of any project. Accuracy and prompt services is our prime concern. We are well equipped with latest instruments and experienced personnel for completing the projects and achieving client’s satisfaction. We have diverse experience of surveying in rural areas and in industrial estates.

We are providing comprehensive services in the field such as:

  • Land measurements
  • Boundary demarcations
  • Establishments of Bench Marks (BM) and Temporary Bench Marks (TBM)
  • Detailed survey
  • Topography survey and contouring
  • Construction survey, location survey, site planning survey
  • Subdivision planning survey
  • Cadastral maps and designs
  • Preparation of various kind of maps
  • Representation and Reporting

In addition to these services we are providing interactive solutions for all queries. As a multidisciplinary service provider, we can correlate land surveys with other areas of infrastructure and can reach to the fruitful solutions. We can give shape to plans like levelling of land, rain water harvesting projects, Groundwater recharge structure designing and planning, drainage designing, etc.

Environmental Consultancy:

In the era of rapid infrastructural development, we all should concern the safety of environment first. With only this point of view we can achieve sustainable development and can preserve the resources for generations. PGSPL team working closely with our clients to solve the environmental challenges.

We are providing comprehensive services in the field such as:

  • Natural resource management
  • Water and waste water management
  • Environment management plan
  • Chemical analysis of soil, water and materials
  • Planning,designing and execution of rainwater harvesting structures
  • Designing and drilling of groundwater recharge wells
  • Acquisition of necessary government permission and NOCs.
  • Preparation of Detail Hydrological study report for submission at CGWA

We are also playing vital role during Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) activity. We believe in team work and working in liaising with other teams.

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