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“Sustainable interior design for both Commercial and residential properties is the need of the hour” says Mr. Biju Varghese, Founder, and CEO of Blucap Interiors. Established in 2017, Blucap Interiors focuses on interior design with sustainability in mind. Biophilia is the concept that Blucap works on. It means, Love of Life. Integrating nature and natural elements into interior design is the forte of Blucap. Blucap delivers premium customized designs for individuals and commercial establishments. According to Blucap, each project must be distinctive and reflect the preferences of the client while being sustainable..
“On-time delivery has been another strong point in helping us scale the heights,” says Mrs. Linda Biju, Co-founder of Blucap Interiors. The focus on quality and commitment has helped Blucap grow steadily in the South Indian market.
Mr. Biju believes that the company’s USP is its focus on Biophilia and sustainability. He believes that honesty is the best policy in communication with clients. The company always works with the clients closely through the design and execution process. It makes sure that the client understands various types of materials.
Sustainability is at the heart of the designs at Blucap Interiors. ‘Biophilia’ is the idea that as human beings, one must feel linked to his/her natural environment. “We always go back to nature for peace, joy and healing! We integrate nature and its elements into our designs so that we create interiors where people feel connected and are thriving!” says Mrs. Linda Biju. Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing; as the world population continues to urbanize, these qualities are ever more important. Blucap believes that Deviation from Nature is Deviation from Happiness!
The interiors and renovations market in India alone is worth USD. 20-30 billion as of today. Though there is tough completion in the field with many players, Blucap believes that quality and uniqueness always has potential for steady growth. There is great demand for sustainable interiors among the young generation that believes in commitment and connection to nature as important aspects in their lives.
Blucap has been keeping up with the latest technology and latest materials in the market. Creativity, coupled with technology is used extensively in Blucap to create and deliver elegant and functional designs for its clients. “Focus on functionality is core in our design process” says Mr. Biju.
Focus on excellence in delivery has been a forte of Blucap. Clients have been highly appreciative of the approach and delivery of the team.
Appreciating the high-quality work delivered by Blucap Interiors, Mr. Joshy Mark, trustee of St. Andrews Church, Bangalore says this in his google review –
“BLUCAP Interiors worked closely with us, the church administration team on the prestigious restoration project of the 150-year-old St. Andrew’s Church, ‘Parish Hall’ on Cubbon-Infantry road, Bengaluru – The heart of the city. Blucap’s approach towards careful restoration was to blend the history of the Parish Hall and the surrounding areas of the church. The walls hold photographs of areas around the church from the early 1800’s. The floor was again beautifully designed with checker (black and white with marble) tiles, following the style of London’s Westminister Abbey. We were extremely happy and blessed to have Mr. Biju Varghese, conceptualize and bring to life the 150-year-old hall and the multi-purpose rooms, back to life. On a personal note, Mr. Biju’s focused dedication to his work and art could be evidently seen from the day he stepped inside. He ensured to be present early mornings to inspect the work meticulously, till the day of inauguration. We firmly believe, it was God’s plan in bringing ‘Blucap Interiors’ to St. Andrew’s Church.

Anyone wanting to have a look at the Parish Hall is welcome to St. Andrew’s Church. Thanking Mr. Biju Varghese and all the staff at Blucap Kindly coordinate with the church office.

Blucap has been awarded the “Best Interior Design Company of the Year” by Business Excellence Conclave & Awards in 2021 and “Best in class for providing Customized Interior Designs” by Architects WOW Award in 2022 among many other accolades.
Over the years, Blucap has grown as a strong Interior Design brand in South India and looks to cement its position further in the coming years. The company is looking towards expanding its reach in many more cities in the coming years. “Our growth will be through innovation, creativity, commitment, and trust,” says Mr.Biju.
Management: Mrs. Linda Biju, Partner & Mr. Biju Varghese, CEO Description: Blucap Interiors is an interior design company focused on experiential & timeless interior design with a special focus on sustainability at affordable costs.
Quote: “We pay close attention to using only premium quality materials in our projects so that our customers are at peace in the years to come. On-time delivery has been another strong point in helping us scale the heights.”
Quote: “We believe in the design philosophy of Biophilia. Our designs are done and executed keeping the intrinsic relationship with mother nature creating relaxing, rejuvenating and energizing spaces”