An Indian start-up called Colive rents out professionally managed, technologically equipped co-living space to singles, couples, and working adults. They now have offices in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Bengaluru.

In order to meet the needs of migratory professionals and students who are looking for easily accessible furnished homes or flats with modern amenities in urban regions, Suresh Rangarajan launched this business in the year 2016. The business was established in February 2016 in Coimbatore and Vellore with an initial funding of Rs 12 crores froma family office. The Salarpuria Sattva Group joined with them in 2019 after collecting $9.2 million in venture capital funding. Twenty thousand beds are being managed by this organization across Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.
Given the rising cost of real estate in major cities, co-living is likely the most economical method to live in a city without sacrificing on modern conveniences. Co-living spaces are becom- ing more and more popu- lar, especially among young people, for this reason. The idea of co-living is quickly gaining popularity in India as more young people leave their hometowns to pursue their education or careers. A Cushman & Wakefield India analysis projects that the market for co-living in India’s top 30 cities will more than quadruple by 2025, from $ 6.67 billion to $13.92 billion. In response to this trend, Colive, a Ban- galore-based firm, has de- veloped fully managed and technologically advanced rental co-living spaces that make living cozy, secure, and cost-effective. Here’s how Colive got its start and how it’s changing Indian urban housing.
Colive is a co-living space provider situated in Banga- lore. Colive provides ready- to-move-in co-living ac- commodations that are close to commercial hubs and IT parks. These homes are styl- ish and have cutting-edge safety measures. Addition- ally, all houses offer flexible and inexpensive options that are appropriate for urban living and are completely serviced and expertly man- aged. These co-living spaces are especially made for sin- gle professionals and new- lyweds who like to live in a social setting with other millennials who share their interests. Colive’s mission is to become the top coliving brand in India, providing fully managed, tech-enabled houses for millennials and Generation Z in urban mar- ketplaces.
Colive is a new type of co-living space that com- bines the best of both worlds – the style and convenience of a hotel with the safety and comfort of a home. With its unique features and af- fordable pricing, Colive is quickly becoming the go- to option for travellers and digital nomads looking for a safe, comfortable and stylish place to stay.
Suresh Rangarajan K saw the potential of India’s real estate market while work- ing for Artha. He observed the housing issues millenni- als in India were having and founded Colive to address them. Colive was found- ed with the straightforward goal of providing an efficient remedy for housing shortag- es in metropolitan India.
Colive’s goal is to “provide Colive residents with an im- provement in lifestyle with elegant designs and contem- porary interiors, first-rate amenities, and hassle-free living.” Colive, which has real estate in its DNA and is motivated by a custom- er-centric philosophy, wants to develop automated busi- ness processes and use tech- nology to scale the company.
Colive is a contraction of the word co-living. The company’s slogan, “Colive your way,” captures the idea of co-living while retain- ing independence to live how one wishes to live and the flexibility to make one’s own decisions about their lives. Colive Community is a non-judgmental society that honours each person’s own decisions and appreciates their diversity, as shown by the peaceful coexistence of people in the logo.
Colive boasts of being the future of living. The technol- ogy-powered coliving start- up has noticed a good scale- up indeed. The company has been operational in India for the past two years and has now expanded to the Indi- an market. The expansion is a result of the hard work and dedication of the team as well as the overwhelming response from customers.
Colive provides furnished apartments with all the nec- essary amenities for a com- fortable stay. What sets it apart from other coliving spaces is the use of technol- ogy to make the living expe- rience more convenient and hassle-free. For instance, all the apartments are equipped with smart locks that can be controlled remotely via the Colive app.
The app also allows res- idents to book common spaces such as the laundry room, gym, and lounge. In addition, the app provides a platform for residents to connect with each other and build a community.
With its innovative ap- proach to coliving, Colive is certainly changing the way people live. And with its ex- pansion to the Indian mar- ket, it is well on its way to becoming the global leader in coliving.