Get High-Quality Castings Without Breaking the Bank

According to Mordor Intelligence, the investment casting market was estimated to be worth USD 14.09 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to USD 17.57 billion by 2027. The market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 4.58 percent during the forecast period (2022-2027). The expanding process industry, the automobile industry, and the aviation industry are major drivers of investment casting demand. Additionally, expanding markets are being driven by an increase in sustainable development and environmental concern. However, Indian businesses continue to rely largely on trained personnel because the sector lacks affordable technology. Variable production graphs in other industries may be brought on by unpredictable demand in one.

Investment casting has a reputation for producing engineering and artistic components with exceptional surface finishes, dimensional accuracy, and repeatability. Since ancient times, India has been a leader in the development of investment casting. The second world war and worldwide industrialization are what gave the technology its current vigor. The investment casting process is currently being actively investigated by leading engineering segments like automotive, pumps and valves, aerospace, armaments, oil and gas, food processing, construction, and many more industrial application industries to obtain quality-assured components at a low cost with a quick turnaround time.
“The global clientele from all segments have one unified requirement of 100 percent quality assured investment castings with affordable price, and this is what we aim to meet provide,” says Ketan Dhruv, Co-Director, of Sanjivani Casting. He further added,” We compete successfully in the worldwide market, and our quality and pricing are on par with those of the major competitors in investment castings. We take pleasure in exceeding customer expectations for On Time Delivery and Stocking requirements at Sanjivani Casting, as well.”
Since its founding in 1999, the company has advanced in the investment casting sector, becoming one of the major participants in the global market. Thanks to its stringent approach to quality controls, Sanjivani Castings is currently known for producing and offering a wide range of high-performance, crucial, and safety components for the Valves, Pumps, General Engineering, Automotive, and Non-automotive sectors.
The internal quality testing lab of Sanjivani Casting is outfitted with the most up-to-date technology. Everything is put through the in-house lab, from the raw material acquisition to the finished products, to ensure the quality requirements. In order to satisfy the stringent needs of the clients, the company has developed its capacity to provide all stages of testing and inspection to confirm quality and certify the investment castings. In order to meet client expectations for a comprehensive variety of testing facilities and to give certification of the most recent Non-Destructive testing criteria, various accredited test labs are affiliated with Sanjivani Group. The group of competent engineers and technicians working for Sanjivani Group makes sure that all tests are carried out and interpreted in accordance with the laid-out requirements of the specifications/standards.
Sanjivani Casting currently operates four casting facilities, namely Aksunna Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Helios Syscom Pvt. Ltd., Sandori Castings Pvt. Ltd., and Sanjivani Casting Pvt. Ltd. Every one of the facilities is made specifically to handle a certain casting method. Sanjivani Casting, which has extensive manufacturing facilities, has also established a successful stocking, distribution, and warehousing system that enables the company to launch effective working operations using the JIT concept and a trouble-free inventory management system. Additionally, the firm can now provide fully machined components thanks to its in-house machine shop, which is home to over 45 modern VMC HMC CNC lathes and machining centres.
Sanjivani Casting has quickly developed into a significant player in the manufacture of castings for a wide range of alloys, including stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex, super duplex, Monel, Hastelloy, and superalloys. These are produced using both the innovative method of investment casting and the traditional method of sand casting. According to Vinubhai(Director of Manufacturing), “the variety of alloy and super alloy steel investment/sand castings are matching the global quality requirements conforming to over 250 different alloys to latest international standards like ASTM, BS, DIN, and JIS.”
Sanjivani Casting’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has always aided in the exchange of ideas and viewpoints in order to jointly adopt the best solution. The culture of working with cross-functional teams (CFTs) has encouraged the idea of collaborating to create novel solutions and improvements while upholding cordial customer interactions through flexibility and proximity to the clientele.
“Thanks to the commitment and fundamental principles instilled by the Sanjivani Group Team’s leadership. The confidence shown by Senior Leadership and, of course, the backing from our Key Customers are the only things that can account for the talent and professionalism of the Sanjivani team today, says Vinubhai.
Sanjivani Casting was established in 1999 to meet the needs of the Indian industry for investment casting. Today, by implementing continuous improvement, all processes are measured and monitored using lean manufacturing concepts. Sanjivani Group also obtained permission from more than 35 certifying International agencies with their rigorous audit methods, which is a result of the company’s goal to be a worldwide player.
Because of its concentrated efforts and reinvestment in resources to strengthen capabilities, Sanjivani Casting has had outstanding growth of 20% YOY during the preceding two decades. The company experienced a $15 million yearly turnover in the previous fiscal year. With delivery schedules that are week by week and month by month in accordance with their plans, more than 200 clients from all over the world are currently receiving their castings and components in a ready-to-use state.
The company is planning a joint venture with a large group that can steer the company in the proper direction with the goal of transforming Sanjivani Casting into a technology-backed business. The company is certain that technology will help it continue to raise production levels. Sanjivani Casting is purposefully investing in the installation of cutting-edge equipment and modern testing techniques in order to achieve the same.