Do you know what’s better than a dream home? A dream home you can design online in 3D.

And you know what’s even better than that? A dream home you can design online in 3D with all the furnish- ings and objects you could ever want, thanks to our huge library of objects.
That’s right: Ghar360 is the easiest way to visualize your dream home, and it’s also the best way.
Ghar360 is a product of TechZag Solutions Pvt Ltd, which was co-founded by Ajesh Joy and Sanju Thom- as in Bangalore in August 2013. Its main objective is to offer IT solutions to the architecture and interior de- sign sectors. By incorporat- ing actual products into the platform, it turns the floor plan into a walkable, dy- namic environment, revolu- tionizing the way consum- ers buy furniture and other home goods.
Every homeowner now has unquestionably favour- able access to their floor plan thanks to this. The platform also caters to consumers who search online for prod- ucts and solutions for home improvement. Ghar360 col- laborates with companies that offer home goods both offline and online in more than 80 different categories. Ghar360 provides services to everyone involved in the real estate industry, not only homeowners. They have de- veloped a comprehensive platform that acts as the hub of their operation. Realtors, homeowners, interior de- signers, architects, brands, and shops are among the clients they serve.
Users can customize and visualize their dream home using the cloud-based 3D augmented reality platform Ghar360 before they buy or build it. Additionally, it gives architects and builders the opportunity to creative- ly display their work, which can be a quick sales tool. The floor plan is being dig- italized by Ghar360 into an interactive walkable area, and at the same time, cus- tomers are given the option to adjust the interior deco- ration using the thousands of actual products that are integrated into a single plat- form. Realistic 3D, Integra- tion of Real Products, Inte- rior Design Palette, Interior Shopping Virtual, and In- teractive Experience Floor Planner are just a few of the technological services that Ghar360 provides to both B2B and B2C customers (Augmented Reality).
Ghar360 is a cloud-based product. Users don’t need to download any plug-ins or software in order to uti- lize our 3D platform, there- fore the conversion from 2D to 3D is entirely online and fully automated. They created these using cut- ting-edge technology (Web- GL, html5).
According to our informa- tion and research, Ghar360 doesn’t have any competi- tors in India, although there are businesses there that are attempting to address a re- lated issue in a different way. They are attempting to apply the most recent technology, which is quicker and more affordable, to fix the issue. This might assist the cus- tomers in realizing their desire of building or pur- chase a home. Typically, the majority of architects and interior designers employ sophisticated software to ac- complish this, which implies that only people with exten- sive experience can use it. However, they have created a straightforward and us- er-friendly platform so that even a non-technical person can do this with ease.
Builders and architects are among the early adopt- ers of Ghar360’s B2B seg- ment, which we recently introduced. Eight builders are currently paying clients for them. The company has been increasing and grow- ing in terms of employees ever since it was founded. We started as a team of two and are now a total of six.
Ghar360 is a cutting-edge technology that allows users to walk through their dream homes even before it is built. This innovative platform uses cutting-edge 3D ren- dering technology to cre- ate realistic virtual tours of homes that have not yet been constructed. This allows po- tential homebuyers to get a realistic sense of what their future home will look and feel like, giving them a ma- jor advantage when it comes time to make their final pur- chase decision.