Morph Design Co. by Prestige Constructions

Morph Design Company is a group of architects and designers led by the well-known Anjum Jung who combines a flair for design with a smart mind. By combining a thorough eye for detail, color, and texture, Morph attempts to produce a contemporary style and comfortable and distinctive designs in its three core areas of interior design, furniture, and window dressing.

The interior design company Morph Design Company (MDC) manages a variety of residential, business, and hospitality projects. Originally created as a Prestige Group internal interior design subsidiary, Morph Design now manages developments for outside clients and has acquired a sizable portfolio of work spanning residences, clubs, spas, resorts, and hotels. MDC provides advice, thorough planning, and end-to-end design solutions for both new and existing structures. It is responsible for some of the most stunning interiors in Prestige Group’s major developments.
For both new and old structures, MDC provides advice, thorough planning, and end-to-end design solutions. MDC has worked with internationally renowned architecture companies such as Dileonardo, Woods Bagot, HBA, MAP, and others to provide a one-stop solution from design to execution, and has completed projects as large as 2,500,000 sft. The business uses an interactive design process and welcomes client involvement throughout the project thanks to an experienced workforce. Over the past two decades, MDC has evolved to incorporate cutting-edge in-house factories that produce hardwood joineries, modular furniture, wardrobes, windows, and kitchen assemblies in order to uphold the highest standard of design and quality in execution.
MDC incorporates best practises in interior design from all over the world while giving clients a personalised touch to establish a unique character. The business is renowned for incorporating a creative and tailored approach to design while keeping an old world charm in its modern, useful, and stylish rooms.
Anjum Jung, 49, the creator of Bengaluru-based Morph Design and sister of Prestige Group founders Irfan Razack, Rezwan Razack, and Noaman Razack, claims that “everything in my life has been a wild card.”
Morph didn’t have a production facility tied to it at first. As a result, Anjum had to look for producers each time she created a new piece of furniture. She was inspired by this to launch a manufacturing business as well. There hasn’t been a chance to look back since.
The Falcon House, as the Prestige Group’s headquarters are known, is a grey granite structure close to Commercial Street in Bengaluru and serves as a reminder of the organization’s history. One would naturally assume that Anjum, the sister of the Prestige Group founders, would have had it easy looking inside the opulent apartments and offices.
Anjum says, “I’ve been fortunate, and fate has been on my side. She tells a story, though, that is full of happy accidents and unrelenting effort.
Selling to friends and family first, one piece of furniture at a time, the numbers gradually increased. Despite the fact that Anjum lacked formal training in design, she claims that it was her innate skill and inner power that helped her quickly acclimatize to the field. She would experiment and try new things and realized she was good at woodworking. Anjum, however, says that those years spent in her parent’s garage were filled with trial and error.
Anjum claims that now that she has a competent team in place, she can concentrate on making designer furniture and trying out new materials. She thinks that what kept her going was her pure willpower, determination, and hard work.