I’m astonished at how the start-up landscape in India has changed over the last two decades. NoBroker was one of the few start-ups that caught my attention. I was always aware that the real estate business revolved around cutting and brokers, so how was this company hoping to be different? Sev- en years ago, I had a hard time conceptualizing this idea. When I read that they wanted to make it easier for customers to purchase, sell, and rent by doing away with a brokerage, I was dubious. But as time has gone on, not only is this business carry- ing out what it set out to ac- complish, it has expanded to become a one-stop shop for everything from rent- ing to purchasing to selling to packing to moving, and pretty much everything in between. is a tech- based brokerage-free real estate platform that makes real estate transactions ef- ficient. The company aims to improve the experience for customers in residential leasing and expanded to residential resale and com- mercial properties. It con- nects owners and tenants or buyers directly, eliminating dealing with brokers.
Amit Kumar Agarwal, Akhil Gupta, and Saurabh Garg, alumni of the IIT and IIM Ahmedabad, found- ed NoBroker in 2014 with the promise of charging no brokerage to any party. Cur- rently, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Gur- ugram all have it running. Fulcrum Venture India, BeeNext, and SAIF Part- ners (formerly Elevation Capital) have all funded it. Additionally, it provides fi- nancial services like mort- gage loans, rent payments, and other real estate-related legal services.
India’s top real estate property website without brokers is called NoBroker. They offer services in India for Rent Agreement, Pack- ers and Movers, Property Management, and Registra- tion.
A revolutionary real es- tate platform called NoBro- ker makes it possible to buy, sell, or rent a home without having to pay a commission. We all thought that there must be other ways to find a new house besides paying exorbitant brokerage fees, which is why we founded NoBroker. We have been paying these brokerages as tenants year after year with- out realizing any benefit to the broker. He was only present because of the mar- ket’s extreme knowledge asymmetry. NoBroker is a platform that eliminates this informa- tion asymmetry and offers a market for the free ex- change of this information, which formerly required paying brokerage fees of one to two months’ worth of rent. They have taken two actions to assist you in find- ing the ideal residence: First of all, they have thoroughly vetted each listing to ensure that there are no intermedi- aries or brokers present and that these are direct owners or shared accommodation parties. To guarantee that you receive a list completely devoid of brokers, they em- ploy a variety of heuristics and procedures. Second, they have made an effort to provide you with the most information possible in an approachable way. This makes sure that, even be- fore you arrive, you have a solid impression of the property. As a result, you can narrow down your op- tions for apartments while relaxing at home rather than seeing all the good and terrible places. With a quick selection of 4-5 houses, you can actually find a home in a matter of hours thanks to the time and effort savings!
Please email them at hel- if you are a landlord interested in list- ing your apartments on No- Broker, and they will get in touch to assist you in listing the property.
Happy searching, tenants, and get in touch with No Broker if there is anything else they may do to assist!
No Broker is the need of the hour and in today’s tech-savvy world, there is no doubt this platform leaves its footprints for the future.