They are not just about finding homes—They also have loads of re- sources on how to maintain them and keep them looking beautiful for years to come. So, wheth- er it’s time for a new kitchen or bath- room renovation, or just some advice on how to keep your lawn green in this heat wave—they have got it covered!

At PropTiger, they work with the vision of delivering trust- worthy experiences that you cherish for a lifetime. They be- lieve in providing a hassle-free and seamless experience to customers so that they can focus on their core business. They are commit- ted to ensuring that our customers have a memorable expe- rience with them, and they work hard to make that hap- pen. They strive to provide the best possible service to customers, and they are constantly inno- vating to improve their offerings. They are always looking for ways to delight customers, and they are committed to
PropTiger is here to help you find the perfect property, whether it’s your first home or invest- ment property.
They know that buying a home can be stressful and overwhelming, so they have got your back! Their team of delivering an excep- tional customer ex- perience.
Being the top choice for custom- ers and partners on their quest to find, rent, purchase, sell, and finance a house is PropTiger’s ob- jective. They ac- complish this while providing value to their shareholders through the use of data, design, tech- nology, and, most importantly, the passion of people.
The way individuals buy homes in India has been gradually experts will guide you through each step of the process, from finding the right location to get- ting financing and insurance coverage. We’ll even help you figure out which neighborhood has the best schools for your kids (or dogs).
changing with the launch of PropTi- in 2011. For thousands of prospective home- buyers, democratize information on the website and make the promise of com- prehensive support when they work with PropTiger. You would concur that fulfilling a such promise is a huge challenge. But they have consistently done that over time. Without competent professionals, this would not have been feasible. PropTiger. com was a little in- ternet start-up till a few years ago in a congested field. Be- cause of the trust and confidence, they instil in their clientele, they now stand out from the crowd.
A one-stop shop,, en- ables users to pur- chase, sell, and rent properties in India. The company has a team of experi- enced professionals who offer end-to- end support to cus- tomers in every step of their real estate journey, right from search and selection of a property, to its final booking and possession.
PropTiger is a lead- ing online real estate platform in India that helps home- buyers and investors find the right prop- erty. The company was founded in 2011 by Dhruv Agarwala, Kartik Varma, and Prashan Agarwal, and is now a well- known brand in the market. PropTiger’s comprehensive on- line platform and expert team of advi- sors offer a seamless end-to-end experi- ence for all real es- tate needs.
Based in Gurgaon, Haryana PropTiger. com is a real estate resource and online marketplace that of- fers a vast selection of property listings. They assist buyers of homes from the very beginning of their search till the very finish. They provide potential house buyers with home loans and property registra- tions and operate on the fundamentals of trust, transparency, and knowledge. The potential purchasers can browse through more than 139,000 verified real estate listings with accu- rate information on amenities, towns, and areas, as well as authentic photos, before shortlisting their favourite prop- erties and letting the PropTiger team arrange site visits. Alumni of Harvard Business School, IIT, and ISB devel- oped and are in- vestors in the web- site, which is sponsored by News Corp, SAIF Partners, Accel Part- ners, and Horizen Ventures. Home buyers now have access to a compre- hensive range of services, from on- line search to aid with transactions, thanks to PropTi- ger’s recent acqui- sition of companies including Makaan. com, OoBI, 3DPhy, and Proprates. Since their launch in Jan- uary 2011, they have grown to in- clude nine cities and 18 offices, and they have already assist- ed more than 18,000 clients in purchas- ing real estate worth more than US $1.5 billion.
PropTiger has successfully closed over 3,500 trans- actions and helped over 25,000 fami- lies own their dream homes. The com- pany has also been recognised as one of the ‘100 Most Disruptive Compa- nies’ by Silicon Val- ley-based Thinkers 50, and as one of the ‘25 Hottest Com- panies in India’ by Business Today.