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Which factors intrigued the existence of the E2W Study?

With our Mission and Vision, Marketing Strategy, one-to-one counseling, and friendly manner, we clear students and parent’s doubts in Local Language Assistance, and 24/7 Support, bringing world-class education closer to our local students and trying to fulfill their dreams.

What challenges did you face while establishing the E2W Study?

We faced local market challenges and due to lack of finance, we’re unable to promote widely. And also, we are struggling to tie up with international universities because most of the universities are asking for a minimum of two references, and also first one year, we received a very low number of clients then we are planning to start language classes within our consultancy to cover local school and college students.

Tell us about yourself. (About the Founder/ CEO)

Our founder VAIRABALA, after completing his diploma in India went to the UK on a student visa in 2010 and he completed business management level-5 & unable to complete Level-6 because the college has been closed and he struggled a lot in UK then he came back to India and he plans to start an education consultancy with an aim to stop students struggling and cheated from local agents. Then he started a small business in 2015 and he named that business – E2W STUDY OVERSEAS and registered as a proprietorship in his hometown and a few years later he planned to move to the education hub city of Chennai.

Moved to Chennai in 2018 and then slowly improved our business, finally he managed to register as a private limited company on Jun 2020. Now we have five branches around Tamil Nadu, and we succeeded in more than 2000 international student visas and helped students to achieve their dreams.

Which educational counseling services do you provide?

We provide counseling for local students to get admission into international universities and also, we guide Students all the way from university/college admissions to successful visa interviews and enrolments at the institution of their choice. We provide tailor-made services for the students regarding finding suitable programs and institutions, which best suit their budget and qualifications.

How do you help students get their admissions overseas?

We are tied up with more than 270 institutes around the world and we mainly focus on the UK, Europe, Canada, and Singapore.

We have direct tie up with institutes so we will get fast and quick responses from the university. It will benefit students to get their admission as fast.

Based on your experience & knowledge of overseas education, how does it benefit students in their careers?

Obviously, students are getting a variety of opportunities and benefits. After completing their studies in abroad, students are getting opportunities to get full-time jobs in many countries, and they got a chance to settle in overseas and some of them after completing their studies they will come back and start their own businesses. They got an opportunity to get new friends’ network and also get an experience of multicultural which will help them to easily handle a variety of nationality and business people.

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Featured Person : Vairabala – Founder Founded Year: 2016
Office Locations : Chennai
Founded Year: 1955