The Karaghirs

The KariGhars is Bangalore’s top interior design company and is regarded as the indisputable “Gods of contemporary design.” Abhishek Chadha, the consummate entrepreneur, founded the company in 2009 to handle full turnkey projects for villas and flats. Additionally, they alter wardrobes, entertainment centers, modular kitchens, and built-in furniture to meet a project’s size and design. They conceive, curate, and select cohesive color palettes that further enhance the aesthetics of the expanse with a vision to transform the ordinary into outstanding settings. They actively adhere to the minimalism tenet of “Less is more” and minimize elaborate features in favor of using common materials. The fluidity of contemporary interior design combined with a hint of mid-century modern styles is key to their design philosophy.

When more industrial materials like glass, steel, and concrete began to replace traditional ones like wood, stone, and brick, the modern interior design movement noticed a change in style. This gave rise to the most well-known and significant design philosophy, which was oriented on aesthetics and brought form and function together. The CEO and Founder of KariGhars, Abhishek Chadha, displays the language of interior design, from the stark forms of rustic modernism, maximalism, and luxury to the industrialism, minimalism, and Scandinavian decor. Modern interior design has benefited from a heritage of clean lines, effective forms, accessible areas, functionality, and storage.
Founded on the principles of simplicity, minimalism may be simply created in design with elements found in a home. In order to achieve the ideal balance of a relaxing aesthetic, pieces are picked so that they relate to one another in the space they are whether it be the home’s interior or outside. The furniture and the salient featured design elements, such as wall art, drapes, and lighting, combine to produce a seamless impression that is visually light, modest in structure, and adds warmth to the space with undertones.
Rich gold and vibrant highlights, plush soft materials, and a free-flowing environment are characteristics of the expressive interior design style known as modern glamour. An elixir of metals in the shape of bronze or gold, combined with grand gestures with slimline furniture, lighting, or artwork, can help determine the space with a narrative soaked in the beauty, refinement, comfort, and luxury.
Today’s homes serve as both private spaces for seclusion and multipurpose centres of work and recreation that can adjust to changing utilitarian needs. Spaces are now approached with limitless possibilities just based on individual usage, whether they are modern interior design living rooms or bedrooms. While it’s crucial to maximize space and effectiveness, doing so doesn’t require additional floor space. Instead, in order to prevent any one utility from taking centre stage, every square foot is utilised to the fullest extent possible with transportable furnishings or a variety of operational units. This design only needs to be used strategically in the appropriate area of the space!
A gifted team of interior designers in Bangalore and a group of knowledgeable craftsmen with a deep appreciation for art and aesthetics make up this multi-award-winning company. This company provides a range of services, including space planning, color choosing, interior design advice, well-designed furnishings and furniture, and thoughtful manipulation of light and space, all of which are aimed at helping you realize your dream house.