The World’s Most Advanced Fumeless Foundry Filters

Are you looking for the most advanced foundry filters on the market? Look no further than Asian Foundry Filters! Their fumeless foundry filters provide superior performance and protection, keeping your workplace safe and efficient. Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself why Asian Foundry Filters are known around the world as the best of the best!

Glass fibre filters manufactured by Asian Foundry Filters (AFF) for non-ferrous metal and alloy casting are high-temperature resistant, resin-treated, fumeless, and odourless. These technologically superior fumeless glass fibre filters are employed in foundries during processes including gravity die casting, sand-mould casting, and investment casting of molten non-ferrous metals and their alloys.
In order to ensure that the filter does not catch fire at any temperature, AFF filters are created using a specific patented method that provides unmatched flame resistance and virtually NIL volatile content. The holy grail for foundry filter makers around the world has long been (and continues to be) this product feature, among other high-tech features.
The world’s top foundries for the production of automobile components are located in nations like Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, and Japan, and they all use AFF Foundry Filters. Over 300 million pistons have been produced with AFF’s assistance to date.
Irshad Haque, a principal scientist who formerly worked at the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) in Bangalore, India, founded Asian Foundry Filters (AFF) formally in 1998. However, R&D work began in the late 1970s, making Asian Foundry Filters the industry pioneer in India for glass fibre filters and a trustworthy domestic supplier to auto-component manufacturers who were importing the product.
Irshad committed himself to reach the Holy Grail of foundry filter production: practically NIL volatile content, non-flammability at any temperature, and a design suitable for a variety of molten non-ferrous metal/alloy filtering applications. Castings made with AFF’s fumeless glass fibre filters have no flaws and passed non-destructive testing in the workplace. Benchmarking against other top foundry filters in the future demonstrated that his filters were by far the highest quality on these important benchmarks.
Asian Foundry Filters, the global leader in foundry filter technology, was therefore founded in 1998. AFF has maintained this leadership position to this day with a remarkable year-over-year increase thanks to preferential demand from the top foundries and component manufacturers throughout the world. The leading foundries and component manufacturers in the world today have accredited Asian Foundry Filters. AFF Foundry Filters were approved for exceptional quality by automotive component makers in Japan and Thailand in 2001, the USA in 2003, Germany in 2004, and Mexico in 2009, in addition to a few other nations.
AFF, which has its headquarters in Bangalore, India, has embraced extremely innovative production technology to maintain its leadership position in the region’s cutthroat market. AFF, which has built a strong reputation for quality, keeps up with technological advancements and adopts economical solutions in its distinctive manufacturing procedures to support its expansion and advancement in the sector.
It has been demonstrated that using AFF’s foundry filters can reduce the rejection rate of cast components because of slag inclusions to under 3%. This will result in considerable cost savings for foundries in terms of manufacturing and a decrease in the failure rate of sold components. It will also result in a significant quality improvement in casting production.
Along with filtering out dross, slag, and refractory particles, AFF Foundry Filters also aid in laminar flow, which increases metal distribution and results in a consistent pattern of high-quality casting by reducing turbulence during pouring.
Filters from AFF Foundry AFF Foundry Filters pay for themselves a hundred times over due to the normal cost of a filter being insignificant in comparison to the cost of the casting and the reduction in casting rejection rate.
Filtering impurities including dross, slag, refractory particles, and non-metallic inclusions from molten metals and their alloys during casting production at foundries uses fumeless glass fibre filters that have been resin-treated. In the following applications, foundry filters are widely used while casting aluminium, tin, lead, zinc, and magnesium:
  • Gravity die-casting
  • Sand-mould casting
  • Shell-mould casting
  • Investment casting
  • Low-pressure die casting
Since the company’s founding, AFF has been actively engaged in ongoing improvements including the automation of the manufacturing process, upgrading of the production facility, inclusion of cutting-edge technology, and routine maintenance. Additionally, we are proud of our cutting-edge testing and quality control division, which ensures high export quality products.