committed support staff, no-cost maintenance, and entertaining Zo- Tribe events. They are now accessi- ble in more than ten cities.

One of the founders, Nikhil, de- scribes how Zolo Stays operates. “Under our program, Zolo Select, we acquire (on lease) residential towers from builders like Sobha in their community. We oversee the towers’ management and offer all services to tenants. Before we came, this idea did not exist. 40% of the people liv- ing in our “Select” sector are over the age of 40. These tenants avoid visit- ing their relatives for a variety of rea sons, including work-related tasks.

Zolo was found- ed in 2015 by Dr. Nikhil Sikri, Akh- il Sikri, and Sneha Choudhry. The goal of Zolo is to pro- vide ready-to-move rooms/beds for peo- ple who want to live in a community with other like-minded individuals.

The founders be- lieve that the com- munity aspect of co-living is just as important as hav- ing a place to stay, so they focus on organizing online and offline events to bring their mem- bers together.
Zolostays is a start- up that was founded in 2015 to solve the problem of students and young profes- sionals who would move to temporarily go to other cities to study and work and look for affordable housing. In 2020, it was operating in 10 Indian cities. It has four rounds of fund- ing, with total of $ 98 Million.appli- ances such as wash- ing machines and refrigerators, along with internet access and TV channe
The company’s goal is to provide affordable housing for students and young profession- als who are looking for temporary ac- commodation while studying or working abroad. The com- pany provides them with fully furnished apartments, which include ls. The com- pany also offers var- ious services such as cleaning services and laundry ser- vices at an addi- tional cost but at a lower rate than what is charged by local companies in those cities where they operate their busi- ness model which includes Mumbai, Delhi NCR (Nation- al Capital Region), Bangalore among others.
At Zolo, they make an effort to minimize hassles throughout stays. They offer de- licious cuisine, a
At Zolo, they are all about making your stay as has- sle-free as possible. They have got yum- my food, dedicated support team, free maintenance and fun-filled Zo-Tribe events.
They know you have a lot of choic- es when it comes to where you stay, but if you’re looking for something more than just a place to lay your head at night, come check ZoloStays out!
When you’re deal- ing with a world that’s turned upside down, you need a place to call home. At Zolo, they have implemented ev- ery measure to cre- ate a safe haven for you. They have got you covered on all fronts–from your physical health to your mental well-being, and ev- erything in between. In these uncertain times, ZoloStays is here for you.