Property Marshal: Successfully Addressing all Concerns of Property Owners


Understanding property management and the need for it

Property management is the process of monitoring and managing commercial and residential real estate holdings. This includes managing all aspects of a property’s everyday operations, such as collecting rent, conducting maintenance, and dealing with tenant complaints, among other things. The extent of property managers’ obligations is determined by their lease agreement with the landlord. Property managers operate in a property management business, which is an office. When property owners don’t have the time, knowledge, or capacity to manage their properties themselves, they might engage a company to do it for them. The number of obligations a property manager has is determined by the terms of the lease agreement between the property management and the landlord. Some landlords may simply need a property manager to collect rent, while others may require property management to oversee all aspects of their property. The following is a list of property management duties:

  • Understanding the rules and regulations that govern landlord-tenant relationships
  • Taking care of requests for maintenance and repairs
  • promoting real estate
  • Tenant management
  • Managing a rental property
  • supervising others
  • Budgeting
  • Dealing with taxes

The apparent benefit of employing a property manager is that it eliminates the need for the owner to be physically there and actively manage the property. This frees up a real estate investor’s time to focus on finding high-quality properties rather than maintaining a portfolio of existing properties.

Property management firms, real estate agents, and developers in India are not regulated by law. The Union Cabinet enacted a Real Estate Regulation and Development Bill in 2013, although it has yet to take effect. The law proposes to establish three regulatory organizations throughout the nation. The Union Cabinet enacted the Real Estate Regulation and Development Bill in early 2016, which is anticipated to revolutionize the way real estate is managed in India.

What makes Property Marshal Unique?

Apart from in-house players, Property Marshal is the first to provide unique tenant management services. The firm is confident that employing a specialized property manager who lives in the neighborhood would result in a more ethical and methodical approach. The property managers’ specialized experience will ensure a strong reputation and excellent customer service in tenancy management. Property management is becoming a Digital Commodity. Property administration is becoming easier and more efficient as a result of new technology. It’s altering the industry’s landscape. Information Technology (IT) services such as smartphone applications, for example, have made it possible today. This has enabled the next generation of property managers to oversee a bigger portfolio of properties from a single location. Property Marshal has ties to some different organizations. A legal team, as well as reputable logistical partners to write rental agreements that are unique to each client, professional interior designers experienced decorators, and painters to give while providing high-quality services as well as looking after the assets of its clients

Overview of services

The range of services offered by Property Marshal:

 Property Management

-Collection and maintenance of tenant information

-Keeping follow-ups of rentals

-Inspection of property at the time of renewal

-Photography and videography of property

-Advice on buying and selling

-Replacement of tenants

– Distribution and collection of rent

 Property Maintenance

-Searching for tenants

-Rent agreement and handing over of property

-Rent agreement renewal

-Inspection of damages to property

-Repair of damaged property

-Settlement of security deposit

-Checking the inventory

-Service of Whitewash

-Complaints About Electricity

– Carpentry Problems

-Problems with the Plumbing and Fixtures

– Interior Designing Pest Control Moving & Packing

 Jeevan Gowda, CEO, and Co-Founder

He is the CEO and co-founder of Property Marshal. Jeevan Gowda is a well-known industry leader who has been recognized for his vision and track record of accomplishment. In The Leaders Globe International Magazine’s cover story, Jeevan was named one of the “10 Best Real Estate Brands to Watch in 2021.”

Industry Real Estate
Company type Privately held
Number of Employees 8 – 10
Year of Establishment 2015

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