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5.Pratik Sharma, Director - PS Green LLP - Top 10 Solar Energy Startups in 2022

Company goals and vision

We are working to create an eco-system where common people should be part of the Green Revolution at an affordable price.

Our goal is to reach; in the top technology companies in E4 (Make our earth greener)

  • Energy Sector (GREEN)
  • Environment
  • E-Mobility
  • EV-Charging Infra,

Factors of success

We believe, in business, the most crucial point is ‘we need to take the right decision at the right time.’ Hence,

  • Prediction of Future Technology
  • Dedication,
  • Self-Discipline,
  • Positive Attitude 
  • Most important, Family & Friends support in every situation.

Another crucial factor is to create a TRUST with your partner companies so that business collaboration will be long lasting for many years.

Services by PS GreenTech LLP

Our core business is offering Solar Panel Cleaning Robot (Water-less), and apart from that now we are also offering many solutions;

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Robot (Water-less )-BOSON Robotics
  • Solar PV Project (On-Grid / Off-Grid )
  • Solar Thermal (Solar Smart Kitchen / Solar Dryer / Solar Hot Water)
  • Solar Floating Project
  • Waste Management (Waste to Compost & Waste to Gas)
  • Waste Water Management

By the yearend 2022, we are diversifying our portfolio into: E-Mobility & EV Charging Station. For E-Mobility, we are launching our model. For EV-Charging Station, we are planning to collaborate with an Indian Manufacturer.

The Founder’s Journey

We started our journey by trading Solar Products like panels, Inverters, Solar Water Heater, etc. Soon we realised that, in the long-term, this business model might not work, as there is no technical contribution from our side. That was the turning point of our company.

We started exploring new technology-based solutions in the Solar field, and we narrowed down our eyes to Solar Panel Cleaning Robot as a solution in 2016. At that time, even very few know about this solution. We collaborated with one of BOSON Robotics Ltd (Chinese Robotic Supplier) in 2019 for Indian/other markets. Now we have a 1.4Gw base only in India.

Initial days were tough for this market due to awareness and compatibility issues. However, within 2 years after launching in India, we secured our 1st deal in 2021 of 330Mw in Rajasthan. That was the time when Corona started in India. We thought we had to wait for longer to get our 1st deal. But we fought confidently for that project, and despite the Corona issue, we locked that deal due to local presence, well trained Human Resources, Spares availability. Gradually other clients believed in us due to these X factors. Now, we are in the top 2 positions in the Indian market.

Family support is always there as, without their support, this journey cannot be complete. It takes a lot of time during the initial days from the family time. My wife & kids were always supportive in every decision of mine.

In this fabulous journey, without taking a name of my friend & partner ( Mr Marc Wang ), this journey wouldn’t be completed. He always supported us from the beginning of our commencement and at the company lows/highs as an Angel.

Unique aspect of PS GreenTech

  • Quality products, prompt After-Sales-Service, Well qualified Engineers, Local Spares availability.
  • For each client, we have a dedicated Key Account Manager to offer the best and quality service.
  • We are always ready to customise our product/solution based on client requirements. It gives confidence to our clients about our technical capabilities.

Work Culture and Business Ethics

  • We prefer to work as a team member instead of BOSS or company Director. Every decision is taken jointly with all the team members.
  • We allow them to take decisions by considering all the pros and cons. So each team member is equally accountable for any decision.
  • The second most crucial part is Office and Personal Life Balance. All my employees are free to take leave every 2-3 months based on work-load without any deduction.
  • Our Business ethics are Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Accountability and Equality.

 Company expansion plans

To establish ourselves in the top few technology-based companies that can offer everyone reliable & sustainable solutions at an affordable price. We want everyone to enjoy the flavour of Green Energy & help each other to make this planet greener before we hand over this is to our next generation.

Honours & Achievements of PS GreenTech LLP

Being a Startup, our biggest achievement is client trust, which is the most that we have secured in the last 2 to 3 years. We have repeated orders from our existing clients. We have a 1.4GW base in India in just 1-2 years. We are still growing and hope the journey will continue with more client trust and repeat orders.

About the Team

We always believe investing in the fresh brigade as we can mould them according to company requirements considering their best quality. We hired raw Engineers from my native place (Durg-Bhilai Nager) and trained them for 1-2 years, trying to sharpen their skills & technical capability. We also depute them in China for special training so that once we have ordered; we can execute & complete those projects properly. And most importantly within time. 

Now our young team is independent and handle entire projects smoothly. Even, managing clients as well during the operational time. They are the backbone of the company. Without them, it’s tough to see my company anywhere.

Year of FoundingDecember 2020
Funding Information:Capital Investment of 50Lakh
Founding Members:Mrs Bandana Sharma & Pratik Sharma
Office Locations :Durg – Bhilai Nagar (Steel City of India), Chhattisgarh
Company StrengthDedicated team for each department, starting from R&D/Engineering upto  After Sales Services.Support to Client from concept stage upto execution stage of
the ProjectWorking on High Quality & bare min profit

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