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5. Sachin Dhane CEO _ MD PTS Sysytems _ Solutions 10 best Corporate Leaders from Mumbai 2022

Embedded ERP solutions with in-depth expertise

PTS Systems & Solutions is a full-service SAP Business One ERP vendor. Their team of experienced experts will act as a trusted partner in the entire digital transformation process from business process consultation to implementation. Besides being your SAP partner and ERP solution supplier, they also have a wide range of talents. They aim to provide greater value, control, and visibility to the management of business enterprises through the successful implementation of ERP and business management solutions that bring tangible and measurable benefits along with improved operational efficiency, profitability, and growth. They are intended to be responsive to management needs, expectations and reengineer business processes to reduce the cost of operations for improved productivity and better ROI.

Having successfully implemented solutions in various industry sectors and geographies, they understand all your potential requirements. They provide cost-effective solutions in the domains of IT Services, ERP & Business Management Application Software, SAP ERP Support, and ERP System Software as our committed professionals hold expertise in various domains.

They are concerned about environmental protection performance on two fronts. First, they are aware of their social responsibility for the environmental compatibility of the products we produce. Second, they ensure the best possible resource efficiency and lowest possible emissions in their operations. For those purposes, they engage in systematic environmental management to reduce their carbon footprint. They are primarily IT services and ERP implementers and they maintain pages of documentation relating to their clients, vendors, and consultants, which have traditionally been in the form of paper documents. PTS3, determined to bring about a change and help conserve natural habitat, began to think in terms of being eco-friendly, and it was only then that management came to know about the concept of ‘natural capitalism.

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PTS Systems & Solutions wants to be a globally trusted provider of professional and high-quality automation solutions to empower small, medium, and large businesses and compete with the best across the globe.

They want to provide reliable, cost-effective, and time-effective solutions that exceed customer needs and expectations by leveraging domain expertise and technical prowess, and to achieve business objectives by providing customers with best-in-class consulting, solutions, tools, and equipment. assist in Services that lead to change and excellence.


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