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“Born out of innovation, Pure EV is committed to drive the e-mobility solutions with energy storage systems to solve energy crisis for the future. “

Pure EV: India’s Most Cost Innovative Electric Vehicle

The story began with PURE
Yes PURE !

PURENERGY stands for Power Using Renewable Energy, and the company has been focused on assisting the transition to sustainable energy sources from its inception at IIT Hyderabad. For the corporation, energy storage technology has been a crucial area of competence. For many major corporate groups, universities, hospitals, residential communities, NGOs, and schools, the firm has completed hybrid solar storage projects. The company’s management team has extensive academic and energy industry experience.

Under the brand “PURE EV,” the company began producing electric two-wheelers, as well as high-performance Lithium batteries under the brand “PURE Lithium.” Shri V C Nannapaneni, a visionary in the pharmaceutical business, has invested in the company. The company has set up a dedicated 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and is on track to become one of India’s premier EV companies in the near future! In the EV and ESS business sectors, the company is focused on developing goods that are popular with the general public and establishing a reliable brand identity.

Pure EV Leadership

Dr. Nishanth Dongari


Dr Nishanth Dongari, worked in Germany and moved to UK under the prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship. Currently working as Assistant Professor at IIT Hyderabad.

Rohit Vadera

Co-Founder & CEO

Rohit Vadera worked in Abu Dhabi in the oil andn gas sector with leading global engineering firms. Subsequently he moved back to India and obtained MBA in Finance and Operations from Indian School of Business in 2016.

As a part of the deal, PURE EV will showcase its range of electric vehicles on the OTO platform, and offer flexible financing options for customers to join the EV revolution.

OTO, the two-wheeler buying and financing innovator, has announced its partnership with PURE EV, as they venture to drive the future of e-mobility together.

As a part of the deal, PURE EV will showcase its range of electric vehicles from scooters to e-bikes on the OTO platform, and offer flexible financing options for customers to join the EV revolution.

Commenting on the partnership, Sumit Chhazed, Co-founder, OTO, said in a press release, “The Indian two-wheeler market has maintained a steady growth. While this has been driven by internal combustion vehicles, we take great pride in partnering with PURE EV in the journey of transforming the Indian market by taking ownership of EV more accessible.”

With this partnership,  the company is looking at disrupting the market and offering a bouquet of innovative financial solutions like never before, he said.

Rohit Vadera, Co-founder at PURE EV said mobility is the way of the future but as Industry players, we must make its ownership accessible and affordable through an innovative approach. “We recognize that OTO has developed the discovery platform and financing options that will bring PURE EV to a larger set of customers and push towards greater adoption. We believe that collaborations such as this will play a significant role towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow,” he said.

With this partnership, PURE EV Vehicles will be made available through the OTO’s Platform across 5 cities, aiming to sell and finance 1000+ two-wheelers together by December and further plans to expand pan India.

Started in 2018, OTO operates on an innovative financing model for 2-wheelers where the buyer pays an upfront amount like any other loan but gets up to 35% lower EMIs with an option to retain, return or upgrade at the end of the tenure.

The platform works in partnership with various banks and NBFCs to provide the most hassle-free financing options to its customers. It also provides full auto lifecycle management, from credit underwriting to insurance, maintenance, and eventual resale of the vehicle.

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