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3. Partha Banerjee, Director- Purple Interior House Pvt. Ltd.- Top 10 Architecture _ Interior Design Companies in 2022

Renovating interiors with specialised staff

Why choose us?

We value every customer and make 100% effort to achieve their level of satisfaction. Thanks to our perfection, our designs are beautiful and relaxing. We are very customer friendly and we believe in providing the best services to our clients. We adapt each project based on the needs and expectations of our customers. We ensure that each project is delivered on time and within budget and at the same time meets clients’ expectations. Our competitive pricing policy ensures that we can build a package that meets every budget without compromising design or quality.


Purple Interior House was built by Mr. Partha Banerjee in 2007. At PURPLE INTERIOR HOUSE we offer international interior design services for luxury, high-end residential, and commercial real estate. Our designers are highly qualified Italian architects and interior designers who combine knowledge of logistics solutions and general design concepts to ensure that colors, textures, and lighting work perfectly. Purple House Interiors, an expert in translating customer visions into reality, brings imaginative decor that truly reflects the individuality of each customer. We are rightly proud of our expertise in interior design, creativity, and exceptional level of customer service. Customer satisfaction is our main motto.

Purple Interior House is a Calcutta-based interior design and remodeling, service provider. We have expertise not only in home design but also in hospitality and office design. A group of multi-talented professionals who mean it seriously focused and with a passion for interior design.

We have built our reputation on our efficient and qualified professionals, customer satisfaction, and innovative interior design innovations. We deliver aesthetic beauty and solid quality at an affordable price.

From CEO desk

Today, the need for change is greater than ever, and there is no perfect field to continue to grow without continuous improvement. The ongoing research and development process, as well as the joint efforts of our team, colleagues from Purple Interior House Pvt. Ltd. is more than just an interior design company – it is a culture and lifestyle where the emphasis is not only on changing the space and mood but also on changing lives in the process.

Our commitment to our clients has always been the greatest force that has driven our unwavering success over the years. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our quality products and we strive to achieve the best quality by setting up a quality management system.

Vision & Mission


We focus on the research of INTERIOR DESIGN of various scenarios: from residential to commercial projects, from retail projects to showrooms. Our work is the result of ongoing research into space and materials.


Provide elegant, exclusive, beautiful interior design and decoration services that ensure that our client gets more than expected or expected.


  • Residential Design
  • Hospitality Design
  • Office Design
  • Showroom Design

Website: https://purpleinterior.in/

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