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About Purvangi Shukla, Founder

I am a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Passionate Entrepreneur worked for the people who believe in themselves and seeking growth in their life. I am hardworking, creative and like to take challanges. I think a human can grow only in a tough time. You may go through the videos and Blogs where I have emphasised about the Optimistic thought process and emotions process with the different techniques. You may know more about myself by reading further details mentioned.

Who Am I?

“I Am a Soul Living in Body. Energy Generated from My Mind. Human Lives in Society for Society.”

This I Called “Who Am I?”

Descriptions about myself would be a fascinating thing for me. When I am asking this to myself answer is always different but steady with the passion. As my life is like a roller coaster. But I believe whatever am I right now that is just I learnt so much from the ups and downs. Life is not a straight line but zigzag which wove with lots of problems, challenges and experiences. I am an entrepreneur passionate about my work and make the life of people as having own Personalised Matrimonial service providing company. I am an Author and Life Coach certified from the USA from Symbiosis.
NLP Practitioner working for people online and offline ways by giving them correct techniques to live a better and harmonious life.

What Am I Doing?


Life Coach is just a tag to my work so that it would be easier to describe and let the people understood about my work. I am working for many people as a Life coach, Business Coach, Relationship Coach and NLP Practitioner. This is one of the platforms where I am giving all my knowledge about Mind(Thoughts), Body(Materialistic), Heart(Emotions) and Soul(Spirituality). Providing lots of seminars, coaching sessions at different places. Meeting and understanding the challenges and problems. Cultivate their mind set towards happiness and bliss orientation.
The synchronisation between Thought, behaviour, Action and results needed for one’s growth. I like to coach people in my coaching seminars, public speaking, corporate coaching, one on one coaching also through my books and online courses.

Why Am I Doing?

I am asking this question every day to myself. I want to be focused on what am I doing? I am doing this work for those people who are a firm believer of the Self Development and Self Realisation. I am enjoying the success and growth of my clients, and that is a significant reason only. Even “TEACHERS HAVE TEACHERS.”

Hire Me as A Coach

You can hire me as a:

Business coach:

Are you dealing with a tight market? Want to expand your business by 20% to 30%p.a. How would persevere your business even in your tough time? Learn about the Focus techniques along with the synchronisation of the action and thoughts. You can contact me to be a part of your business coach.

Corporate Trainer:

Corporate Training which can be industry-based pieces of Training which can be focused on your core areas and provide the solutions to the team to be more productive, enthusiastic and passionate. For further information contact me on contact@purvangishukla.com

Personal Coach:

I like to be part of your life and would like to work for your major four areas of life.

Mind (Thought Power)

Soul (Spiritual Power)

Body (Health Power)

Heart (Emotional Power)

Work on core areas which affect your life in terms of Relationship, Finance, Health and Emotional life.

Why Choosing Life Coach

Finding a workout is as easy as scrolling down, picking out the session that matches your goals, and getting your butt to the gym!

Website: https://purvangishukla.com/

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