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QBSS is a tech-enabled outsourcing firm that’s changing the way companies thinks about finance, accounting and technology services. With world-class teams, highly personalized services, and an online portal, you Get More to Go On. Most back-office outsourcing solutions have too many missing elements – in terms of customer experience, work delivered, and business reporting, and so on.

What do we do?

QBSS enables clients to see further, scale smarter, and stand stronger with smarter systems and over 1,100 specialists in various sectors such as finance and IT support. Our forward-thinking CEO is a Chartered Accountant and BPO veteran with over 30 years of experience growing businesses all over the world.

Prior to becoming our route leader, CM ran a small financial and business advisory firm, advising private equity firms on how to improve and expand their portfolio companies all over the world.

For the previous 11 years, CM served as Aegis’ Global CFO, overseeing strategy, mergers and acquisitions, finance and accounting, tax, legal, secretarial, and compliance. CM was the driving force behind the company’s phenomenal growth, which included both organic and inorganic wins. It’s time to make a choice.

You’re still unsure of what to do


You don’t have enough information to make a decision. Although you have the P&L, it hasn’t been updated. You have inventory forecasts, but you’re not sure how accurate they are.

You’re not sure if the most recent A/R report or the performance statistics from your various sites can be trusted. To top it off, you don’t have somebody who can actually assist you comprehend this data, let alone compare it to other businesses in your industry.

There are simply too many elements lacking. That is why Quatrrro Business Support Services exists. We provide you with more information.That is why we constantly obtain customer satisfaction scores of over 96 per cent.

Leaders today are in a race against time to deliver and construct not only dependable and scalable businesses but also the robust infrastructure to support them.

In less than six years, Aegis went from less than $70 million in revenue in 2005 to a thriving US$ 1 billion firm with 55,000 employees spread across 13 countries.

Technology is frequently the thread that keeps enterprises running smoothly. With our high-quality, rapid deployment Technology Services, QBSS is a channel-friendly partner who helps your business success and employee productivity.

We proactively monitor, prevent, debug, and resolve a wide range of technical problems

Customers can use QBSS’s professional and comprehensive assistance system to complete business procedures swiftly and efficiently. We make use of technology resources to ensure that we meet the technological needs of our customers.

Eliminate and prevent system outages, allowing you to enable your customers to earn more money while providing reliable service. In a five-year period, CM was also instrumental in the completion of more than 15 successful acquisitions.

He has won multiple important honors for his work in scaling up firms, turning around businesses, boosting profits, and re-engineering costs.

IMA India’s CFO of the Year for excellence in Merger & Acquisition, and The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’s CFO of the Year and CA Global Business Achiever are just a few of them.

A capable leader and caring mentor, he believes in self-motivation and articulate perspectives.

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