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Tell us about your company. Its vision and mission.

RapidLoops is a tech-powered logistics service platform that provides unparalleled visibility and efficiency to big enterprises transporting consignment in massive bulk volume. We enable shippers to find reliable trucks, track the shipments, and truckers to find regular loads, transparent rates with ease of payments. Our company aims to address every problem faced by the stakeholders of the logistics chain and will provide market players with the unique chance to catapult their business models from “manual, expensive, and stiff ” to “automated, efficient, and agile.”

Vision : To transcend traditional logistics business boundaries through technology and create the best economic opportunity for truckers, shippers, and all stakeholders.

Mission : We unite truckers and shippers through a cutting-edge digital platform by solving complex business problems of truckers such as asset utilization and working capital challenges. We empower shippers with the most advanced, seamless, and transparent solutions to help them succeed in an evolving data-driven economy.

How your service differs from just transport?

Our five-point approach in what we offer our users: Simplified freight management, real-time visibility, Insights with actionable data, Increased utilization, and Secured, faster pay provides us with a greater advantage over the competition in the market we operate.

What services do you provide to the customers? Why should one prefer you?

Fully Managed Services: We manage the entire shipping infrastructure including fleet, trip, and load management for large customers. Trucking Platform Solution: We connect our shippers with load to reliable and certified truckers and help them manage all freight from one full-fledged control room.


The services we offer helps businesses to move their cargo using the validated trucks available on the platform. They get a dashboard with every detail about their consignment, like the cargo status (available, in-transit, completed), tracking, documentation, billing, and payments. The shippers can track where exactly the empty/ loaded trucks are so that they can manage their loading and unloading points efficiently. The shippers will get access to an interrupted supply of trucks for all their ad-hoc, unpredictable load requirements.

Is shipping on time the first key to firm your business?

We, at RapidLoops firmly believe that shipping on time, time should be the DNA of a logistics business. We don’t tolerate any unhealthy delays and we act on such situations very quickly and most of the time proactively to avoid them. We have the best data available to predict the expected date and time of deliveries as well. Our promises are made based on the intelligent system and experience.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

RapidLoops has taken the first step to shape India’s Bulk Cargo Logistics narrative by empowering the truckers and shippers with the launch of a simple seamless digital platform. We are set to expand with a focus on developing new processes and technological advancements to stay ahead of the curve in an environment of evolving customer needs, competition, and dynamic regulations. We aspire to scale, prioritize profitable growth in our pursuit to become the most valuable startup in the country in five years.

What was your worst and best experience in shipping and transporting?

It is too early for us to pick something as the worst experience. We can state something which was not as great as we expected. While reaching out to certain traditional businesses to pitch with our value proposition to become their logistics service provider, we faced challenges because of our asset-light business model as it is currently not the norm in this sector of logistics. We have to prove our significant value to sign up our early customers who were able to spot the difference compared to their existing service providers. The other great experience is when one of our key customers offered us to take over their complete supply chain management like starting from raw material procurement to delivery of finished goods. Although it was a big opportunity, we had to turn it down temporarily as it requires a great amount of product customization which will take some more time for us to provide. We don’t want to compromise quality.

What steps do you take to handle last-minute or unexpected setbacks before any delivery?

Our experienced desk support team gets in touch with all the stakeholders viz., the delivery points, and truck drivers immediately to understand the issue and how it can be remotely solved without the intervention of truck owners, consignors, and consignees. We as a business operate with 24×7 onsite team members who immediately take over the issue on the ground and solve them.

Can you describe emerging trends you’ve noticed in transportations?

Several trends will drive growth in the Logistics Sector and all will involve the adoption of technology. Be it tactical and operational decision making, routing, fleet optimization, data analysis, or strategic planning, technology will be all-pervasive. There are a huge number of trends that are affecting the B2C logistics sector both positively and negatively. In the bulk cargo sector in which RapidLoops operate, the embracement of shipment tracking has become a norm in the ecosystem. E-pod is slowly getting there which will avoid a lot of delays and paperwork. At RapidLoops we believe that blockchain has a lot to offer and we already are working on it to get the best of it to our customers. We also strongly believe the unorganized trucking industry will be slowly consolidated by players like us to bring out the value of the integrated supply system. In the long term, we think it will bring significant value and the data that is derived from will drive highly strategic decisions.

Describe a time where you were blamed for a mistake you did not make?

There is no such situation that we could quickly recall. Although our business model is an asset-light one, our clients are expecting us to bring extreme levels of control and delivery over the fleet that we operate with as they see it from their existing asset-heavy operators. It needs some great levels of engagement to prove that our model of business is the future where they can work with super-efficient and organized fleets that do not need unnecessary control over their operations. When the fleet owners raise their game with our end-to-end support, their quality of execution will become unmatched. So, just to answer your question I can take this as an example where we don’t directly own the fleet but are expected to manage in that. Our clients are slowly feeling the value addition that we provide as we grow.

Year of Founding: 2019
Funding Information Angel funded
Founding Members: Rajesh Krishnan, Arun Anbazhagan
Office Locations: 19, Cenotaph Road, Teynampet, Chennai – 18
Company Strength: 13
Website: http://rapidloops.com
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