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11. Rishikesh SR Founder Rapido Bike taxi 10 Best Innovative Startups in India 2022

Quick maneuvering through traffic with bike taxi in your crowded city roads

Rapido Bike taxi is India’s largest bike taxi app service and is making rapid strides in app-based auto-rickshaws and delivery. They are on a mission to revolutionize the way people move. And while they’re at it, they aim to create a workplace that’s fun, inclusive, and fits!

Rapido has come a long way since its inception in 2015. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, they have carved a niche for themselves in the market. As a brand and a service, it is their constant endeavor to redefine themselves. They are the number 1 choice of 10 million people because they are the solution to India’s intra-city problems. Along with assured safety, they also offer rides at an affordable price.

Their bike taxis can dodge the traffic during peak hours and get you to your destination in a jiffy! So next time when you think of travel, think of Rapido.

What they Serve:

  1. Customers
  • Doorstep Pick-Up: They’ll pick you up where you are and drop you right where you need to be.
  • Affordability: No more cryptic prices and shocking reactions after seeing the final ride cost. They are here with the cheapest ride for all.
  • Quick Ride: The trendsetters of smart commute whether it is traffic or rush hour.
  • Captain
  • Zero Pressure Ride: Gives the Captain more room in a day without interrupting his daily activities. You can decide when to go on the next ride.
  • Returnable Income: What’s the use of getting paid when you can’t withdraw money on your own? Redeem transfers can be done from Rapido Wallet to your bank account at your convenience.
  • Insured Ride: All rides are insured. Medical benefits and Accidental coverage up to Rs 5 lakh for the Captain and his family.

Rapido Food/Refreshment Centers

The heatwave is sweeping India and taking a toll on the health of everyone. Rapido is highly concerned about the health of its captains who sunbathe throughout the day so that customers can reach their destinations quickly and safely. To replenish the energy of its captains, Rapido has taken the initiative of starting refreshments and meal centers.

These centers will provide healthy and nutritious food and juices at highly subsidized rates so that the captains do not have to burn a hole in their pocket every time they feel hungry after a hectic change on the bike. The whole process is as simple as A-B-C. All they have to do is walk to any center, show their food voucher in the Rapido Captain application/SMS, and get their food/refreshments! Utmost care is taken to ensure that the quality of food/refreshments is good at these centers.


You can go on board with Rapido B2B services to earn more while you deliver. With highly reliable deliveries and a strong customer base, they are one of the fastest-growing networks in the country.

Website- https://www.rapido.bike/

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