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Ray Architects is one of the leading Interior Design and Architecture firms in Tamil Nadu with 11+ years of experience. They are proud to have completed 200+ residential and commercial projects. In each project, they ensure that no design is off-the-shelf, and every minute aspect of the work is hand-crafted to meet the requirement and reflect the ethos of their clients. This is why they prefer to call themselves ‘Artchitechts’ rather than architects.

Apart from Architecture and Residential interior, they do commercial interior designing. If you are not aware, Commercial interior designers explain how a commercial organization’s business model, brand, and preferences will shape the design of the space. They listen to clients to understand their preferences and needs regarding function, layout, and décor. It informs the style, size, and direction of the visual effect.

Interior designers must understand how workers function in their workplace and how each office interacts with other offices in the business process. An interior designer evaluates the space, takes measurements, and develops conceptual drawings that envision the designer’s vision for the area that will meet the client’s needs. These illustrations include representations of the layout, colors, and furnishings to accurately convey what the designed space will look like when finished. They design the planning and construction of the finished commercial space.

About the Founder

Mr. Rengarajan is basically, an artist and was practicing as a senior visualizer in a space designing studio in the USA., he traveled to over 25 countries in Europe and North and South America, gaining experience in designing, handling projects, and learning their lifestyles.

He enjoyed Lisbon, Portugal’s traditional architecture, exemplary cascades with wonderful sculptures. One day he realized that he was done, and he yearned with enthusiasm to produce monumental architecture instead of being confined to mere sketches on canvas.

So, in 2009, he founded Ray Architects, an artistic space designing studio in India. They have made it a point that every space they create begins as a sketch on their designers’ desks that is adapted to the client’s dream and then brought to life.

Artchitechts™: We Create, Not Curate!

They feel immense responsibility for creating the space for their clients’ dreams. Be it residence for their family or retail space for their business, they ensure that every small design starts as a sketch on their designer’s desk and turns into reality through a rigorous artistic process. This is what sets them apart from the market and over the years has ensured that their clients always look at their space with the same pride that they have built it with.

Website- https://rayarchitects.com/

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