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“Revolutionizing the car care service through cloud based system with the chain of quick car service workshops.”


Tell us about your company’s goal and vision

Car service in India is a complicated and shady affair. Maintenance service is reluctantly undertaken almost with dread, anticipating some major repair inevitably followed by an equally major bill. To find a trustworthy technician/workshop requires some past life good karmic balance. Finding a reliable breakdown service technician/workshop is equally if not more complicated. Depending upon where you had the misfortune of breaking down and whether or not you have a guy or know a guy who knows someone who fixes vehicles one is at the mercy of strangers for help and guidance, where to find someone to repair at the critical time of need would be fortuitous but plausible, finding someone with honest pricing that’s another kettle of tea.

Ready Steady Lube was conceived with the aim to provide quality car service at honest prices. Our goal is to make car service transparent, reliable and accessible to all. We envision a chain of car service centers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

What services does your company offer? What differentiates your services from your contemporaries?

NO LABOUR CHARGE. NO LABOUR CHARGE. NO LABOUR CHARGE. There isn’t a single workshop in the length and breadth of India that provides car service without charging labour for periodic maintenance. Customers of Ready Steady Lube pay only for consumables. They “Do Not Pay Labour Charges For periodic maintenance”. (For other services, labour charges are applicable.)

Ready Steady Lube vehicle servicing app is one of a kind app in India, it lets car owners/fleet owners maintain detailed records of all their service, offers quick service estimates, book appointments for servicing vehicles, directs users to the nearest service centre. This app is connected to our proprietary oil dispensing system which is cloud connected to ensure correct quantity of oil dispensed depending on vehicle make and model. Billing is connected to the app to ensure accurate billing corresponding to services.

Ready Steady Lube offers running repairs and maintenance service, but we stand out for our quick oil change service. Which includes:

■ Quick oil change

■ Transmission oil change

■ Full Brake service/replacement

■ Tyre service/rotation/replacement

■ Power steering flush

■ Battery maintenance/replacement

■ Radiator flush/coolant change

■ Fluid top-up

■ Electrical check-up

■ 21-point safety inspection

At Ready Steady Lube we value our customer’s time there is no waiting around for estimates, no roundabout way of servicing – one comes in with a vehicle any make or model through and complete inspection quality service provided quickly so one does not have to wait around and disrupt their schedule for a day or two just to service their vehicle. We are that quick and efficient. We work weekends and holidays so our customers especially fleet owners don’t waste a working day, we stock OEM parts, our team comprises of handpicked technicians who are further trained.

What was the driving force behind the establishment of your company? What idea propelled you towards the institution of this company?

Passion for cars runs in the family. My husband Vishwajeet who is an Automobile engineer and a Racer has been a major influence. Cars have always fascinated us. To us they symbolize mastery over technology, a brilliant piece of machinery which if treated well and in the right hands will give you the same pleasure as listening to a symphony played by the masters or seeing a beautiful sunset you get the picture.

Over the years this fascination has metaphorphasized into passion which sees us locked away in garage tinkering away and experimenting to find ways and means to enhance overall driving experience. Ready Steady Lube was born out of such tinkering and R&D session.

We strongly believe that every drive should be an experience worth cherishing no matter which car one drives.

And superior affordable transparent service should be the norm and not the exception. Car service should involve some actual car service, not a roadside stall with a few makeshift arrangements, with someone butchering the car into service. Service bay to service vehicles should not be confined to a few luxury cars but should be available to all. Technicians and vehicles deserve better service conditions which don’t cost the sun and the moon. Ready Steady Lube fills a need gap, Ready Steady Lube is the manifestation of an idea whose time is now.

What is the current status of the Automobile Industry in India? How has India fared in adopting new automobile technology?

Any question pertaining to the performance of any sector will need a new model factoring in THE (Pandemic) factor. We are still living that reality so we will have to wait and see how it pans out, balances out or imbalances everything/anything. But going by historical data car penetration rate in India hasn’t even touched 5% per thousand yet so there is every reason to expect growth in the industry and by extension allied industries.

Tell us about the honors and achievements that your company has received.

It is an honour to be recommended by our growing tribe of customers and is an achievement to have so quickly made a name for ourselves as the go to place for Car Quick service. We look forward to steadily be on the upward swing and collect accolades on the way. We would like to thank Swift n Lift for bestowing us with the honour of being named one of the 10 fastest growing start-ups in Bangalore.

Describe your affiliation with garage/workshop owners. What benefits do you offer to them?

Workshops wishing to partner with Ready Steady Lube need to meet entry criterion like size of workshop, number of technicians, ability to install and manage our oil dispenser, agreement to service vehicles based on Ready Steady Lube’s quality standards, bill customers based on pre-set rates (no ad-hoc or made-up charges). Partner Workshops become part of our growing network of centres and are added to our app.

As a Partner Workshops now have access to a whole new demographic and aren’t confined to servicing the same set of customers as before. They benefit from the robust marketing activities conducted by us allowing them to concentrate on vehicle service rather worry about maintaining steady stream of customers or keeping the cash flow going. They also get access to technology like Ready Steady Lube cloud connected oil dispensing system the first of its kind in the industry to ensure accuracy in usage and in doing so also ensures there is no theft/pilferage by garage technicians or wastage. Ready Steady Lube helps Partner Workshops get great deals and discounts on purchase of oil, OEM spares etc. deals which a standalone local garage cannot get.


Ready Steady Lube is a chain of Car Quick Service workshops with presence in Bangalore. It is truly unique in many ways. Ready Steady Lube has developed proprietary ‘Oil Dispensing System’ which uses cloud technology and mobile app, OTP based transaction to ensure the service booking is only through mobile app, ensuring right quality/quantity reaches customer making this a foolproof franchise model (highly scalable) using latest innovative technology.

A new age workshop worthy of the digital age RSL provides customers with quick, unique and delightful service experience and service partners with untapped opportunities. They have Proprietary oil dispensing system which ensures accurate oil dispensation, app based booking for accurate billing, and OTP based transactions which ensure transparency in dealings and better accountability from service partners.

Revolutionary App Allows:

Car owners, fleet operators to book a service and get service estimate.

Navigate to the nearest service center.

Access to service history

Create job cards

Service partners to manage inventory and reorder stock.

Service partners to get sales, finance, and inventory reports for respective outlet with proprietary cloud based oil dispensing system.

Well-designed service package, No labour charge policy, well trained service technicians.

Unique and intuitive customer & service partner centric app RSL is praised to be a GAME CHANGER!

Prospects of Ready Steady Lube

 Customer centric value proposition

 Well thought out strategy

 Practical and effective plans to achieve goals

 Willingness and ability to adapt to changes

 Well trained and dedicated team

 Outlook’s promising at the moment!

Address:14/2, Rajesh Chambers, Brunton Rd, Craig Park Layout, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

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