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Would you tell us about RECRUITCAST CONSULTANTS (Mission, Vision, and Values)?

Our Mission is to deliver the ideal talent exactly on time, exceed our client requirements through continuous improvement, and provide a place for hard-working, dedicated, and ethical people who believe in the company.

Our Vision is to become the best talent provider in the world that empowers client’s businesses & maximizes their success.

Our Values

  • Partnership
  • Communication
  • Transparency

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

As a business owner, you need to keep yourself updated every day to identify and then take advantage of new opportunities. I usually do some easy things I can build into my schedule to stay relevant.

1) Update my news feed on social media:

It’s necessary to be on social media — every day. Make sure you customize your business’s feeds on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram so that you can easily scan the relevant and trending topics that day. If you don’t have time to click through and read an article that sounds interesting, use a “save for later” an app like Pocket or google keep, so you can revisit it when you have more time.

2)Share learning with a team:

After working hours, our entire team seat together to discuss that day’s learning. All people share and discuss their experiences and learning in the open forum. I think this thing helps everyone to stay updated with new Industry trends.

3)The network is your net worth:

Webinars, Conferences, local networking events, online and offline training, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups are dedicated to getting you in front of both colleagues and Industry experts. Whether it’s small events or big trade/business shows, the insight you get from networking is always beneficial to your business in the long run.

4)Observe your competitors:

Your competitors are your driving force. I learn so many things from our competitors such as how they market/advertise their services,

  • How do they distribute and deliver their services or products?
  • How do they engage clients?
  • How do they attract employees towards their internal positions?
  • How they market/advertise their services?

Build Rapport with Customers:

Rapport establishes trust between you and your client. The more you get to know your client, and the more they get to know you, the easier the process.

What inspires you to come up with RECRUITCAST CONSULTANTS to provide the services of Recruiting?

I was associated with the recruitment Industry before starting my own company. I was enjoying meeting and talking to new people and helping people to achieve their career goals. Moreover, I saw so many new skill learning and money-making potential in this Industry. All these things inspired me to start my own company.


We are one of the most trusted Consultants in India. We can help the companies with recruitment services in every field and from every part of India. Our operational system is divided according to different professions so that every applicant is thoroughly scrutinized before sending it at your end.

Every department has experts from different fields. This helps in the short-listing of quality candidates. The candidates are not only checked up on academic grounds but also on their personality traits. We are specialized in mid-level to senior-level positions. RecruitCast is uniquely positioned to provide professional recruitment services. We conduct our business discreetly whether you are working with us as a client or candidate. As a value-added partner, we aim to achieve the best possible result in the shortest possible time frame. RecruitCast has a wealth of experience working as a trusted partner to our clients in supporting their requirements to recruit best-in-class staff expertise.

Our candidate reach covers the globe and is underpinned by an extensive network of personal contacts gained over many years of service provision. Our candidate ATS system has been specifically tailored to match our working practices. We have experienced recruitment consultants and a strong positive reputation within the industry sectors in which we operate; specialist professionals from entry-level to CEO Level.

What are your views on today’s Industry scenario? What is your strategy to reach new industries and new customers?

2021 is almost halfway gone, and a lot of things have changed during these 16 months. A lot of industries have an impact because of COVID-19. Many businesses are on halt which in some way is affecting the recruitment industry. Hiring trends that were relevant 16 months earlier are no longer applicable. Recruitment is now more focused on social media and Artificial Intelligence (AI). And the traditional methods are long gone as people have started recruiting from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Let me explain the ‘new’ recruitment trends for upcoming years. One thing is sure – technology will shape most of next year’s recruiting trends in the recruitment industry, just like it did this 16 months. In an ever-evolving and tech-driven world, recruiters will inevitably rely on virtual support. Nowadays Virtual Interviews, Virtual Joining, and permanent work from home have become new normal. The induction of AI in hiring is a Game changer moment in the staffing industry.

Recruitment is no more a monotonous process for HR professionals as activities like making phone calls to potential customers, shortlisting resumes, and replying to applicants through emails are switched to AI software in digitally transformed organizations. According to my, nowadays technologies can help you big time to reach new Industries and new customers. You can work on building long-term relationships with clients that will help you in long run to build a huge business.

Explain the RECRUITCAST CONSULTANTS – Founder/CEO’s journey to date, and how RECRUITCAST CONSULTANTS tackled any initial struggles?

Like any other business initial, six months were tough and challenging. But your never say die attitude will always help you in the long run while chasing or approaching people or clients. You need to keep working no matter what. In any business, your key people would be your team, your employees who are working with you. I have always tried to keep my workplace environment open for conversation and happy because I believe, if your people are happy, they will always deliver more than expected. While choosing a team, I always keep the focus on attitude, not a skill, you can always teach skills but not the attitude.

Hallmarks of good business relations include trust, loyalty, and communication. The success of long-term business relations is dependent upon trust, as it can foster employee satisfaction, cooperation, motivation, and innovation.

What will you suggest to our readers to achieve success in their desired field?

The answer is simply willingness and a strong desire to perform well. Once you have the willingness and the right mindset, you can begin climbing the ladders.

Year of Founding:2016
Funding Information Self-funded
Founding Members Jay Modi
Office Locations Bharuch & Vadodara, Gujarat
Company Strength 11-50

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