7. Abhay Deshpande, Founder - Recykal - 10 Best Waste Management Companies in India 2022

Connecting waste generators and waste recyclers

Recykal is an end-to-end digital solutions provider, facilitating transactions for all stakeholders across India’s waste management and recycling value chain. Their unique, integrated approach connects waste generators, processors, recyclers, and brand owners to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by the industry including demand-supply mismatch and lack of transparency and traceability.

They discovered that some of the most pressing challenges faced by the waste management and recycling industry in India could be solved through digital technology, something that no one else was doing. They are disrupting the US$13.4 Bn waste management industry with their digital technology platform. Their unique, integrated approach connects waste generators, collectors, processors, recyclers, and brand owners through an ecosystem of digital cloud-based solutions that facilitate transparent and traceable material flows and transactions for all stakeholders.  They are helping FMCG and electronic brands run their consumer awareness and takeback programs and comply with extended producer responsibility (EPR) rules. Their Technology, data, and reporting solutions help governments, policymakers, organizations, and communities adopt sustainable practices while creating a positive social, economic and environmental impact at scale

Recykal was awarded as the ‘Runner-up’ in the Indian Circular Economy Awards – Start-up category,2021 by FICCI, and in the same month they were recognized as the Winner of Excellence in managing Plastic Waste by EPR strategies as a PRO’ by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), 2021. Recykal was also the first start-up in India to be inducted into the Circulars Accelerator Cohort 2021, Recognised by the World Economic Forum as a pioneer in waste management, a humbled recipient of the Circulate Capital Ocean’s Fund, and a recognition by Grant Thorton – Sabera Awards as a Responsible Business of the year!

Established in 2016, they have grown from a quaint office in Hyderabad to office spaces in Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Chennai. They do not just work with waste generators and recyclers, they work with all stakeholders in the waste ecosystem in India. So far, they have connected with more than 400,000 consumers, 47 municipalities, 95 ULBs, 100+ brands, and more than 500+ aggregators & recyclers across 30 states & UTs in India.

The Waste Management industry is dominated by the informal sector where the transactions that happen offline, are unrecognized and missing a formal ecosystem. The stakeholders work in their silos with a lack of information and communication. In a vast geographic and populous country like India, the ‘digital divide’ results in reduced access to information regarding material availability, lower recycling capacities, and more material reaching landfills. The need of the hour is innovative, reliable, and scalable technologies that bridge the ‘digital divide’ to close material loops and pave the way for a circular economy. That’s where Recykal comes in!


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