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“REPROCELL provides a unique combination of products and services to power your translational research. With scientists and laboratories on three continents, we have the scientific and clinical expertise to better translate your discoveries into therapies.”

Reprocell: A Genomics Pioneer Improving Drug Discovery Success Rates

REPROCELL offers a one-of-a-kind set of goods and services to help you get the most out of your translational research. We have the scientific and clinical expertise to help translate your discoveries into cures, with experts and laboratories on three continents.

REPROCELL’s portfolio includes an extensive product catalogue to support stem cell research and 3D bioengineered tissues, a commercial biorepository of ethically sourced human tissues, extensive clinical networks across the United States and Europe that enable contract research services in human ex vivo living tissues, and the ability to supply induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for both research and clinical applications.

Based on its expertise in pluripotent stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells, REPROCELL is also researching novel regenerative medicine solutions to treat neurological disease, and is now conducting clinical studies in Japan for the treatment of spinocerebellar ataxia. It has diagnostic and clinical research labs in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. The development of new technologies to enable biomarker research and precision medicine is being driven by Reprocell’s expertise in patient recruiting, logistics, and ethics of obtaining human biospecimens and diagnostics.

These resources and know-how, when combined with our clinical laboratory facilities, have positioned REPROCELL as a fully integrated partner for the life sciences industry, with clients all over the world. Few organisations can boast such a diverse range of business activities and capabilities, making REPROCELL a one-of-a-kind partner for delivering the services and materials you need to traverse the difficult world of drug development and regenerative medicine.

Lalith Kishore President & CEO

The advent of the Patents Act has aided Indian pharmaceutical companies in moving up the evolution cycle from only producing new pharmaceuticals to discovering them. India has the potential to lead the pack with its high-end research services, as it boasts the world’s second biggest number of USFDA-approved plants, a scientific workforce with an innovative mentality, and low R&D costs. While developing new drugs is exciting and fascinating, it is also a costly and risky enterprise that moves slowly. In fact, 90 percent of potential medicines that enter clinical trials fail to get regulatory approval, owing to a lack of understanding of the disease’s specific molecular processes.

This is where Clinical Genomics comes into play as a prescription that can greatly increase the rate of drug discovery success. It shepherds researchers through an alternative passage with a distinct drug research method and drug discovery development processes, which is significantly closer to the destination, by enlightening them about all of the human genes and their functions. Unfortunately, because Clinical Genetics is still in its infancy in India, Indians are underrepresented in worldwide genomics studies.

The company has positioned itself at the higher end of the spectrum with its skill on cutting-edge technology, having received ISO 9001 and NABL certifications (and is in the process of acquiring CAP Accreditation). Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Gene Editing, Next Generation Sequencing, CART, 3D cell growth, Skin Models, and live tissue assays for pre-clinical safety evaluation are among the developing disciplines in which the firm is well positioned to provide and collaborate. Clinical Genomics services from Reprocell are also well-known for making clever use of genome sequencing to diagnose and treat patients. “The main goal of Reprocell India’s project is to make clinical genomics and DNA Sequencing-based analyses more intelligible for patients and actionable for doctors,” says Lalith Kishore, CEO of Reprocell.

In the truest sense of the word, a pioneer.

The company was founded in Japan in 2003 and purchased BioServe in 1994 to meet the urgent need to make genetic testing more relevant to India. In the United States, Reprocell is synonymous with biorepository sample supply and genotyping. The fact that the company was at the forefront of iPSC reagents even before the first publications distinguishes it as a reputable iPSC vendor around the world. Reprocell has made its patented iPSC and primary cell line generation skills available to India’s researchers as a service through its facilities in Japan and the United States, determined to set itself apart from the competition.

A Bewildering Array of Options

Reprocell leverages the newest next generation sequencing technologies including Ion Torrent from Thermo Fisher and Illumina systems to provide patient reports from advanced tests. Clinical genomics is a relatively young discipline in India, hence Reprocell takes a platform agnostic approach to genomics testing. These tests are used in NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Testing) for cancer and other disorders. This is a rapidly evolving technology that has only recently been employed in therapeutic settings. Reprocell also offers genotyping and large-scale extraction services on Affymetrix, Sequenom, and Fluidigm platforms, as well as Alvatex’s 3D manifolds for cell growth and skin models for research and Biopta’s tissue-based assays on living tissues.

Prepared to Make History Once More

The creation of a more specific/sensitive single point test as a signal of efficacy/end point determination is becoming increasingly popular among Reprocell’s clientele. Clients use its Genomic Testing service to assess the impacts of long-term exposure, pharmacokinetics, pharmacovigilance, and post-marketing surveillance. The company is also seeing an increase in interest in marker analysis and discovery, as a new biomarker can bring a lot of value to a bigger clinical trial.

With its ongoing research into building novel panels for use in sequencing-based diagnostics, Reprocell is on the verge of making history once more. Adding another feather to its crown, the company is focused on developing a holistic microbiome solution, both from the perspective of individual patients and medication discovery. Reprocell aims to be India’s top genomics testing company, anticipating significant opportunities in cell therapies, gene therapy, gene editing, and tissue assays. Starting with Clinical Genomics services for Prenatal Testing and Oncology, the firm aims to deliver inexpensive Sequencing-based Clinical genomics to India. The company is poised to transform into a clinical genomics company in the following year and fly to greater heights, with a CAGR of 20% (which is rather outstanding for a company of its size).

Key Management: Lalith Kishore, CEO

Lalith is a business leader, TEDx speaker, and innovation mentor with nearly two decades of expertise in India and the United States in Drug Discovery Sciences, Genomic Sciences, Protein Sciences, and Cell Technologies. He has a proven track record of technical excellence, having independently supported key customers’ R&D programmes, met ever-increasing revenue targets, and managed large projects with tight deadlines.

Reprocell in the News:

•Reprocell is the only firm in the world that offers a full drug discovery platform that integrates stem cell capabilities, repository, bioinformatics, and NGS. Even before the first publications, the business was at the forefront of iPSC reagents.

•Through GenAhead Bio in Japan, Reprocell is the first firm in India to deliver CRISPR Cas based Gene editing services to industry and academics.

•Reprocell caters to large hospitals with research wings, CROs, almost all DBT, ICMR, ICAR, CSIR organisations in India, IITs, IISERs, and other top universities, as well as most of the country’s top pharma and biopharma companies, as well as a significant number from the US, Europe, and Japan.

•Reprocell uses the newest next-generation sequencing technologies and adopts a platform-agnostic approach to genomics testing.

•Reprocell is about to make history again with its ongoing research effort in building unique panels for use in sequencing-based diagnostics.

Company size :51-200 employees
Headquarters :Yokohama
Type:Public Company
Specialties:Stem cell technology, Drug discovery services, Human clinical samples for research, COVID-19 Samples, iPSC Services, iPSC Technologies, iPSC Reprogramming, iPSC Diffirentiation, and Human Tissue

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