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What different marketing strategies does your company employ to ensure maximum reach of clients?

Ridge Advertising & Marketing Consultants has always aspired to provide comprehensive solutions to diverse brands ranging across all major industries in India. It offers holistic communication services that are driven by competent in-house resources across several verticals. Some of these include –

Digital marketing services for top educational institutes in India. These consist of providing social media marketing, search engine optimization, digital display campaigns, outreach programs, conversion programs, content management, and affiliate management programs.

Ridge also offers advertising solutions through Print Media to various PSUs/ Central & State Government organizations and various Educational Institutes of National Importance. These include national media outreach campaigns and regional campaigns that mainly take the content and advertorial route of execution.

Additionally, Ridge also focuses on event planning offering outreach programs, conceptualization, fabrication, and program management. Essentially, the business is catered towards aiding brands to build a retainable image in their respective markets through unique strategies that help them to connect with their target group more effectively.

All the services offered by Ridge are outlined by a cross-platform media strategy that facilitates the process of building a strong brand architecture for all the clients.

How did your company start? What was the driving force behind the establishment of your company?

My entrepreneurship journey began with a vision to establish myself in the advertising world. In the 80s, I completed my masters, got married, and was blessed with a beautiful kid. At that time, women were mostly expected to settle down for comfortable family life. I wanted to build something for myself, something that would leave a mark in the world.

Giving wings to my ideas, I decided to pursue an MBA in marketing to further harness my skills and knowledge. Despite receiving reputable job offers, I wanted to create something of my own. With my undeterred and unabated passion and the consistent strive for excellence, I took a plunge to start an Advertising Agency in Ranchi.

The initial years were undoubtedly challenging as managing time for my child and fulfilling all the commitments for my clients was no easy task. However, with the consistent support of my family members, Mr. Pradip Chakravarty and Mr. Deepak Pandey, the co-architects of my dream, I braved through this journey of making Ridge reaching the heights where it is at today.

Right from day one, I always followed one motto and encouraged everyone in my team to adopt the same; “Success comes to those who work hard consistently and with dedication towards their goal”. With this thought in mind, Ridge started from their first client, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi to providing digital marketing solutions for some of the top Educational Institutes in the country.

What are your company’s key achievements?

Over the years, Ridge Advertising & Marketing Consultants has not only created a unique space for itself in the world of advertising but has also been facilitated with several prominent awards for its consistent pursuit of excellence.

Our major achievements include partnering with CII (Confederation of Indian industries) and the Government of India for various events at an international scale- Such as GES2018 (Global Exhibition of Services). This was the largest services exhibition in India. It was inaugurated by the Honourable President of India and witnessed participation from 15 states and 18 central governments, and 100 countries participated in this mega event.

Similarly, Ridge executed the International Minerals and Mining Exhibition, as Exclusive National Partner. This was the largest Mining and Mineral Exhibition that spanned across 4 days and had a footfall of over 300 exhibitioners.

Furthermore, we have also collaborated on several campaigns for the State Government of Jharkhand. Ridge was privileged to design the logos of various departments of the state, along with other marketing collaterals such as investor brochures, print advertisements, etc.

Tell us about your background and experience in academia.

I completed my Master in Anthropology. As my passion was always inclined towards business and entrepreneurship, hence I pursued an MBA post marriage to hone my business acumen. After establishing Ridge and learning valuable lessons based on practical experiences, I have been a guest lecturer and industry expert for several leading management schools in the country.

What according to you are the leadership skills that have propelled you towards success?

There are two key ideas that I focussed on in the early days of my career; focus on the fundamentals and build a sustainable business model. I always encourage my team to devote a significant amount of their time to research and update themselves with all the latest developments in advertising and digital marketing. Additionally, I also strive to ensure that all team members are working on a strong work-life balance.

• Together, we have built a culture of passion for work and compassion for people.

• I take pride in the value-centric relationship which is promoted at Ridge.

• I have always dreamt of not only making a sustainable organization but also with human values and responsible for better lives around us.

• The secret to success is derived by sincerity hard work, determination, and discipline.

What according to you are the current trends related to Digital Marketing in India? What are the loopholes?

Today, digital marketing in India is driven by world-class customer experience. This is due to the rapid emergence and inculcation of technological assistance such as artificial intelligence and data-driven methodologies. Additionally, the trends of engagement are consistently transitioning with the growth of influencer marketing, especially on platforms such as Instagram. Thus, most campaigns that we see today feature at least one headline influencer to drive the initial engagement. We have a fully integrated Digital Marketing Team led by its Director Mr. Arghya Chakravarty who is well educated & well equipped to take on the future challenges.

Coming to the loopholes, the key challenge that lies ahead is ensuring a smooth structuring of convergent media which is an amalgamation of print advertising and digital marketing. Based on the targeted reach and budget, along with the demographic restrictions, it is imperative to derive a model that balanced and caters to a wider audience.

What message would you like to give to young entrepreneurs from across the country?

Always focus on building strong foundations. Every successful business is strengthened by thoroughly researched fundamentals.

There are no shortcuts to success. It has taken us 24 years to get where we are. Success comes to those who work hard consistently with dedication towards their goal. I live and breathe by the same motto even today. Entrepreneurship is a journey and one needs to embrace every aspect of the journey whether they are challenges, accomplishments, or learnings on the way. An idea alone will not lead to success in business.

There is no dearth of good ideas – It is their implementation, putting together a great team, and actual ground level action that is taken wherein lies the difference between a Great idea and a Successful Business.

Awards: Sudha Chakrabarty has received the Governor’s Award and all India women Entrepreneurs Super Achievers Award 2019 by the Delhi Management Association in acknowledgment of her contribution to the Advertising & Media Domain.

Website: http://ridgemarketingservices.in/

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