Rise of Women’s Sports in India

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Rise of women sport in India

The sports industry is a huge administration from field games to journalism and so on. This industry does not work on the agenda because it runs on opportunities, passion, and determinationBefore 1900, Indian sports were not as well-known as women’s sport, and it wasn’t until 1900 that women’s sport was included. 

The world of sports is vast enough and for some reason, it has been fascinated more by men only, but in recent years with the change in era women have come forth and shown the same charm and strength as men. we can’t forget the first women who win an Olympic medal, Karnam Maliswari (2000), and was also honored with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Medal of Ratna (1995) and the Padma Shri Award (1999), becoming one of the most respected athletes in the world. Thanks to her, the country is proud of its achievements. There are few amongst many who took it as a responsibility to represent India, not to prove a point or gain honor, but to encourage many others to get involved in the world of women’s sport. 

Sports where Indian women are exceeding:

Many of these figures don’t need to be introduced because they were so extraordinary in their respective sports that people now know the game thanks to them.

  • Boxing: Six-time world champion Mangte Chungneijang AKA Mary Kom at the age of 38 is the only female boxer to have won medals at eight world championships. She is the first Indian boxer to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games (2018) and the first Indian boxer to win an Olympic medal.
  • Wrestling: Geeta Phogat is the first Indian female wrestler to win a gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and to qualify as the first female wrestler for the Olympic Games. It was she who took Indian wrestling to another level and made it clear that the discipline belongs to her on an equal footing with men.
  • Badminton: We are all proud of her Sania Nehwal who was number one in the world with 24 international titles, and this is one of the reasons badminton is growing in popularity in India. The same goes for PV Sindhu, who became the first Indian woman to reach finals at the Olympic Games. She was also awarded PADMA SHRI (2015) and is one of the top 5 shuttle players in women’s singles.
  • Archery: Deepika Kumari whose faith and integrity was evident in her arrows, finished fifth in world archery, won a gold medal at CWG, and was named FICCI Sportsman of the Year in 2014.

Women in the sports industry have helped change the way people think in other ways. Sakshi Malik, Sania Mirza, Deepika Pallikal Karthik, Mithali Raj, Tanya Sachdev, Chanda Gain, Sharmila Nicollet, and Kunjarani Devi are few among the female athletes who are contributing to bringing a change in their respective sports. All of these names tell us that she can wrestle, shoot, run, hit, and can do anything. She has no limits, not even the sky. Because of them, stereotypical people are forced to think differently. Their enthusiasm, confidence, energy, and charm are hard to ignore and thanks to their contribution to the ever-evolving sport of India. There is equality and capacity for men and women. 


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