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1. Manasseh John Wesley CEO Founder River Bend Data Solutions Private Limited 10 Most Innovative Leaders In Artificial Intelligence industry 2022

 An extra ordinary story of an ordinary person.  

Artificial intelligence has become a core part of every industry. The medical industry is one of those which are practising AI at a scalable level. We interviewed one such company’s founder, Manasseh John Wesley. He revealed the story behind River Bend Data Solutions Private Limited and explained why AI is essential for healthcare. 

River Bend Data Solutions is an AI-based solution provider company.


-The A.I Revolution in Health care

– The new normal of understanding   every day health.

– Our vision and goal as a startup

– iclinic – our solution for the future    Change picture

Tell us about your academic life & early career. (About the Founder/CEO)

My perspective towards life was drawn from Darwin’s theory “Survival to Fit”. We, as humans, are designed to engineer tools to develop resources to sustain life on earth. In modern-day, we call it technology; The challenge today is to harness the power of technology to create better sustainable living.

This ideology sparked in my early days at college while I was pursuing electronics and communication engineering. Since then, to me, education was not just a mere degree but a great source of knowledge that helps you tackle problems that we see around and provide solutions for the betterment of society in making the world a better place. I started viewing life through this lens, which opened a broad wall of opportunity for learning. Since then, I have always been acquiring knowledge and educating myself in technological, physiological, and sociological areas of life.

What was your goal before establishing River Bend Data Solutions?

It’s funny, but we are all designed and function like robots! If I bring it into perspective, we all operate with the exchange of information.

Since the digital revolution, what has become really significant or a product of this exchange of information has been DATA. As I explored technology and unravelled its layers, the most important piece in the puzzle was data. Many of us might really wonder how and when we entered this block, from the smallest things in life that help us operate, like booking an Uber and purchasing furniture at Ikea, to enjoying the weekend with family by ordering food online. We all give away information about our choices and lifestyles more or less, which defines us.

This level of capturing information allows us to understand “life” & how it operates. This important data helps us craft and shape solutions to enrich the experience and create better mobility for livelihood. This understanding has channelled me into exploring data science. Soon, it became an initial goal to understand the possibilities of implementing applications of data science into everyday life.

How you thought of creating an AI-based solution providing company?

Over the past couple of years, what really struck me was the new normal of health in people. Previously, genetic-based health-related issues were prevalent and were also the vast majority of cases across the globe. But recently, in the 21st century, we have transformed from genetic-based illnesses to lifestyle-based health illnesses. Like the quote says, “What you eat is what you are.” The daily lifestyle of a human being represents and talks about his health status. Everyday lifestyle parameters like how much time a person sleeps, the food he eats, and the stress level he undergoes, all count and adds up to a person’s present and upcoming factors of illnesses.

The conventional method of diagnosis conducted on a patient providing aid on the information spoken at the time of visit serves as very less effective information to the doctor. So this rooted the seed of using technologies like artificial intelligence to track and learn humans better and capture their daily lifestyle parameters with high accuracy using simple and sophisticated applications. It was a strong breakthrough that we have observed to solve this problem and provide a highly effective solution through artificial intelligence.

What are your Goals & Vision?

Today we see drastic differences in the clinical setup of a Super-Speciality Hospital vs a Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) with respect to the available tools and services.

“We aim to bridge this gap by aiding technology to reinforce and develop tools and services which can help doctors, clinics/hospitals to operate faster and more efficiently.”

As an enterprise, our primary goal is to leverage cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to aid in diagnosis and to provide doctors with supportive tools to aid in patient engagement and diagnosis.

We are working towards building a smart technology that combines all three important verticals of the health-tech industry to help hospitals and clinics within 360 degrees of their patient treatment cycle.

We are building an “i.clinic.” 

An affordable application that converts a general clinic into a super speciality hospital “digitally” through a single click, i.e., to provide a general clinic with all the right sets of tools/services that are required for efficient functioning and operation.

Our goal as an organization is to see ourselves working on revolutionary technologies that can transform clinical management and give it a whole new dimension of possibilities to understand and treat patients better and more efficiently. By deploying this, we are looking forward to offering our services to all primary health care and small-scale clinics in India to help them transform digitally into a super speciality hospital in just one click of a button. Our five-year goal reflects the same of acquiring and helping more than 40% of the overall percentage of clinics and PHCs available in India and continuing to expand and push to 75% coverage in the next following years.

Our tagline: “Aiding transformation for better health.”

Which methods do you follow that ensure reliability & scalability for your clients?

Thinking beyond the problem is one of the most critical lessons we’ve learned as a firm in order to assure stability and scalability. Our company has always had the desire to go beyond mediocrity, push boundaries, and reach above the horizon. We always go above and beyond what is expected of us, enabling us to deliver significantly more quality and efficiency to the table.

The wheel is constantly being reinvented. We’re always coming up with new equations for our work and coming up with new strategies to solve problems. I suppose this result in a voyage full of fascinating encounters that provide excellent learning opportunities along our journey. I suppose this keeps us all focused on being true to ourselves and delivering the best, which gives people the impression that we are trustworthy and our solutions are scalable.

Additional Information:

Year of Founding:2020
Founding Members:Manasseh John Wesley, Rachel Wood
Funding information:3 Million INR
Office Locations:  Hyderabad, Chennai
Company Strength:Young and talented engineering team moving towards sustainable goals.
Website: https://riverbenddatasolutions.com

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