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We all have the desire to gain more knowledge. In this growing generation study is something which will never be enough so it’s always good to learn something new. That’s the reason some people are here to make a positive difference & impact in the lives of people. So I like to mention one of them her name is Rachna Co-Founder of RJTC India LLP, popularly known as RJ training & consulting. She is one of the pioneer IFRS trainers in India. She has trained over 9000 finance and accounts professionals. She is a Chartered Accountant, CPA(US) & also holds a Diploma in IFRS from ACCA, UK, having more than 24 years of experience in the field of auditing, accounting, training & advisory services. Rachna has worked with Price Waterhouse, & KPMG & has dealt with a wide spectrum of industries like Financial Services, Manufacturing, Trading, Telecommunication, Non-profit making, etc. It’s proud to mention that” Rachna is awarded the “Woman of Excellence” award by Indian Achievers Forum in 2021.

The program they offer:

  1. IFRS TRAINING: Their IFRS training is suitable for those who want to gain in-depth knowledge of IFRS and as it is designed around the course of DIPIFRS (ACCA, UK) exam for those who want to appear for DIPIFRS(ACCA, UK) exam. As India has converged to IFRS and issued its standards referred to as IND-AS, professionals need to gain an understanding of IND-AS also. Therefore along with IFRS training, they provide the knowledge of the difference between IFRS, IGAAP & IND-AS.
  • IND-AS TRAINING:  All holdings, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and associates of such companies are also required to comply with Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) in the preparation of their financial statements from the transition date. Transition to Ind AS will have significant accounting and business implications. Ind AS being the new language of accounting and reporting, it is critical for every accounting professional to stay updated and enhance their accounting knowledge Program in Ind-AS training program has been designed to help corporate and practicing professionals deal with new regulatory requirements, increase their awareness and develop an understanding of the new standards.
  • FINANCE FOR NON-FINANCE 2 DAYS PROGRAM:  Their result-oriented finance and accounting courses caters to professionals and students. These programs are Impactful and can be customized to help you gain/sharpen skills and capabilities in your area of interest. Finance is an important measure of the performance of companies and individuals. Managers in every function need to understand its importance and relevance while making a business decision. The finance for Non-Finance program is designed to develop financial skills among professionals working in non-finance functions like HR, IT, Production R&D, Sales, and Marketing to help you make business decisions and facilitate smooth communication with the finance team.
  • CORPORATE TRAINING:  RJTC India offers customized training programs to several corporate entities. Pieces of training are customized to meet the specific needs of clients. The program highlights:
  • Basic/advanced training to those interested in finance and accounting. 
  • Workshop, courses on specific topics of relevance. 
  • Training on specific industry issues or sector-specific impacts. 
  • Subject matter specialist training on specific topics (for example Revenue, Leases).

She has contributed to various guidance and revisions to accounting standards as issued by ICAI. She has managed and conducted various DIPIFRS training sessions under ACCA Diploma Program, IND-AS training, and Finance for Non-finance training in retail batches and Corporate & B Schools. Rachna is also an NLP practitioner, a Business Coach, helping entrepreneurs and businesses in achieving their goals, and a mentor to professional who is ambitious, willing, and committed to unleashing their potential and growth.

Website: http://rjtrainingandconsulting.com/

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